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New Profile Posts

  1. Wayne Walsh
    Wayne Walsh Roy
    Hey Roy , was just looking through the forums for some wisdom from fellow members. I was looking far some advice about 1600 engine replacement options and there was mention that you at Bus stop can supply a new engine from Mexico. Could you help out and if so what would the cost be. thanks Roy. Wayne
  2. Inakombi
    Looking at re-registering my 74 Kombi in WA. I would only be using it probably once a month, can I get a 'reduced' registration?
  3. Craig de lacy
    Craig de lacy Roy
    Hi Roy. How do I get myself a Kombi club sticker. Would love one for the rear of the camper.
  4. Jenny Frappell
    Jenny Frappell
    Getting excited about getting Bindi back, beautiful, Blue and restored.
  5. Omelette
    Just got a 72 Lowlight after years of waiting!
  6. MAP77
    MAP77 Billy Boy
    Hi Andrew, I was speaking to friends in Sydney yesterday that indicated that they would like to attend the Bus Stop. There name is Mark and Jeanine Daniels Ph: 0418 643 371. Thanks, best regards Mark
  7. Michael G
    Michael G saabman
    Hi. I am Michael and live in Wagga.
    I recently bought a 77 ex Army Kombi that I believe you used to own. She is a great old girl. I was directed to your thread that you started when you bought her.
    Just have a couple of questions..
    Do you still have the original engine?
    If so would you be interested in selling it?
    Also do you have the head rests from the front passenger seat?
  8. Grantus
    Grantus David H
    The useless Profile page is here.....!
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  9. Marzy
    Slow Living, Coffee Sipping, Kombi Driving Yogi...
  10. Eli
    New motor for Chrissy and new tail lights...how long will it take me to have it all on and running : D
  11. Mel73
    Mel73 flat4pilot
    Hi, Welcome to the forum. I read your post about your rusted A pillar.
    I too have this same problem. Can you put me in touch with your panel beater? I’m in Melbourne but I’m desperate to sort this out. Can you help?
  12. Marzy
    1975 Kombi Camper
  13. David H
    David H
    Old guy with 76 Sopru 2lt fuel injected. Had 'Old Boy' for 31 years. Picture cost me 2 front ball joints.
  14. Eli
    After many discussions ... my new motor! 2.2 L Subaru EJ 22M
  15. Scott Neilson
    Scott Neilson 76 kombi
    G,day John,

    Could you please assist with height, weight & length/depth measurements of the roof rack please so i may arrange a quote for transport. cheers
  16. David H
    David H
    Old guy with 76 Sopru 2lt fuel injected. Had 'Old Boy' for 31 years. Picture cost me 2 front ball joints.
  17. wolf99
    Blue Dragon (Thai)
  18. wolf99
    Blue Doka
  19. Jako
    Heading out with the family tomorrow. I’m thinking a swim at Cottesloe, a picnic and a couple of sun downers. Kombi life’s quietly awesome!
  20. Julieannarmstrong
    Hi I have a 1969 lowlight Kombi which was in good condition until a few weeks ago