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New Profile Posts

  1. Ian and Shelley
    Ian and Shelley
    Its Legal - time to explore
  2. Carolyn Sickerdick
    Carolyn Sickerdick David H
    Hi David and Lauren
    Carolyn Sickerdick here, Chris Taylor’s daughter.
    Do you have a private meaaage system I can send you an update on him?
    Much appreciated
    On behalf of Dad
  3. 85Trakka
    Just bought a 85 Trakka Campervan. 509ks for $6750. No second gear and some surface rust. No photo yet. Have trouble uploading. Brent.
  4. aircooled
    Registered and on the road as of December 2018. Yay!
  5. PUCH 1HM
    PUCH 1HM nils
    Thanks I'm away til Thursday will send a photo when I get home
    Cheers Bob
  6. PUCH 1HM
    PUCH 1HM nils
    Hi Nils Thanks for the reply I have a Syncro but don't think the roof grab handles are from the Syncro I managed to get one off without it falling to bits I could send it to you if that would help, if so where do I send to .
    Cheers Bob
    1. nils
      Thinking you may have a traķka or something like that? Have you tried posting a thread i the T3/4 forum here? The blokes here are really knowledgeable on where to find stuff that you may have come up dry yourself. I mention this as it will be cheaper than me making them.
      Throw me photo before you spend your hard earned cash.
      Apr 27, 2019
  7. Luckyphil
    Way over priced as well
  8. devon
    devon Luckyphil
    Thanks for the reply Phil, much appreciated. Not sure I will go ahead as no log book available
  9. PUCH 1HM
    PUCH 1HM nils
    Hi Nils I see you do 3D printing what i'm looking for is the end covers for the roof grab handles I can't show you a photo because as soon as I touched them the crumbled to power. Are you able to do them or do I keep searching cheers Bob
    1. nils
      Hi Bob, I have no doubt I can make something pretty close to original. Though without any idea what it looks like or what size it is I can't give you any more info. What kind of bus do you have?

      Apr 26, 2019
  10. Stew
    Stew douggieboy
    Hi Doug,
    Still on for 10:30 am at the Caltex at Burleigh on the 4th?
  11. KELLY 75
    KELLY 75 Van Housing
    Hi Van Housing, My partner and I also live in yarraville. We are looking for someone to help us with balancing and tuning in our original twin solex carbs.After our re-build we are now running a compression ratio of 8.1:1 and running only 98 oct. I have tried several times trying to tune them with following the steps but it still its right : /
  12. devon
    devon Luckyphil
    Hi Phil. Just looking at the Doka on the throttle shop site that you owned. Wondering if you could shed some light on the known history of it? Eg servicing, accidents or respray thanks in advance Keith
    1. Luckyphil
      It is as I sold it except the Recaro front seats have been removed & Captains Chairs put in. Never been crashed & the gearbox & motor never been rebuilt. Some paint tough ups only done. Been a few years since I sold it but believe it has hardly been driven.
      Apr 23, 2019
  13. ciarog9
    ciarog9 robmich
    I will take $100, that is as low as I will go.
  14. Debstar
    Debstar Sam 2 can
    Received dinner payment, could you please post your preferences for meals. Cheers
  15. Carolyn Sickerdick
    Carolyn Sickerdick
    feel sad :( My first KombiClub trip to Malacootta has ended before i could even leave.
  16. Daria
    Live your dream,don't dream your life
  17. 73kombi
    Bus Stop 2019 just around the corner now !
  18. SunnyJim
  19. Doris
    Doris SunnyJim
    Hi mate,

    I was just wondering what head unit you were running in your kombi?

    1. SunnyJim
      Doris I got a eBay single din unit. No name chinese brand
      Mar 26, 2019
  20. David H
    David H
    Old guy with 76 Sopru 2lt fuel injected. Had 'Old Boy' for 32 years. Picture cost me 2 front ball joints.