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New Profile Posts

  1. James I
    James I
    Hello all: Know-it-all T3 mechanic in the Sydney region for exhaust and cooling system overhaul? Much appreciated!
  2. milly
    milly Necro
    Hey Necro,
    Had you make me a Smiley face wheel cover , some time back, wondering if you are still in that game ? I have put a set of 7 inch Kings driving lights on Milly and was hoping to get a set og smiley covers made for them, just like the wheel cover but 7 inch with elastic backing like the whell cover to keep them on. Any chance that is something you could make ??? Regards
    Steve 0417021116
  3. omelette81
    In Works doing Engine, Gearbox . Waiting on body to be avail for Front Axles.
  4. Peter Kaye
    Peter Kaye Squidy
    Hi Squidy, I'm a new member currently negotiating to buy a splitty from the States. I know what I want but need some guidance. You live in my area & it would be great to hav a chat. Cheers
  5. Alex Peever
    Alex Peever nils
    Hi Nils,
    I've seen around the forums on various topics that you're the guru to talk to about brake upgrades.
    I've got an 89 syncro that I've just had the rear drums completely redone and I'm not satisfied of the braking capabilities if I had to make an emergency stop Would you be able to help out with an upgrade, I'll take anything, information, a kit, etc.
    I've read T4 disc upgrades are the goods?
    Cheers, Alex
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    2. Alex Peever
      Alex Peever
      Hi Mike,
      I'll get to working on the 312mm rotors, the brake hoses I can make up myself. Do the old rotors for cutting into have to be any year/model. Could I just get some from a 2wd? Thanks Nils!
      Jul 8, 2019
    3. nils
      I will send you a PM with part numbers and photos in the next day or 2
      Jul 9, 2019
    4. Alex Peever
      Alex Peever
      Thanks Nils! You're a legend and a half
      Jul 9, 2019
    HOMEWORK syncro
    Hi Syncro,

    I have seen in previous threads that you have a set of 15" rims with original centres. I am planning to do the same. Are you able to share photos of your van?

    1. syncro
      I have posted a photo of wheels in the T3 forum,
      Jul 4, 2019
  7. Mike Marsh
    Mike Marsh
    Need help with my late Mum's South African Syncro
  8. keentogetgoing
    Hi on the road very happy .
  9. Peter Cheney
    Peter Cheney
    I am buying a 1975 VW Kombi this Saturday. What do i need to do to get a Historic number plate?
    1. Wayne murray
      Wayne murray
      You need to be in a car club that is registered to do historical scheme with the RMS . Do you have a car club in your area,in mind talk to them about your requirements.As each club have different requirements.to get historical rego with that car club Where did the car come from (state) and is it registered already .You will need a pink slip if already registered or from NSW.
      Jun 17, 2019
  10. Scott Neilson
    Scott Neilson vwkj87
    G,day, I was reading conversations you had in regards to your Kombi and the heaterboxes in your exhaust etc. I am thinking of flicking mine in the bin and getting a new exhaust as they rattle and there simply is no need for a heater in Brisvegas. How did you get on? cheers Scott.
  11. Jerome
    I would like to change my profile name to Jerome .
  12. Anthony Wall
    Anthony Wall
    4000km in three and a half days in my new 77westy. Successful test drive.
  13. Alpal
    Alpal wombatventures
    Bit slow off the mark but an e copy of Bentley would be much appreciated.
    1. wombatventures
      Will do
      May 20, 2019
  14. Ian and Shelley
    Ian and Shelley
    Its Legal - time to explore
  15. Carolyn Sickerdick
    Carolyn Sickerdick David H
    Hi David and Lauren
    Carolyn Sickerdick here, Chris Taylor’s daughter.
    Do you have a private meaaage system I can send you an update on him?
    Much appreciated
    On behalf of Dad
  16. 85Trakka
    Just bought a 85 Trakka Campervan. 509ks for $6750. No second gear and some surface rust. No photo yet. Have trouble uploading. Brent.
  17. aircooled
    Registered and on the road as of December 2018. Yay!
  18. PUCH 1HM
    PUCH 1HM nils
    Thanks I'm away til Thursday will send a photo when I get home
    Cheers Bob
  19. PUCH 1HM
    PUCH 1HM nils
    Hi Nils Thanks for the reply I have a Syncro but don't think the roof grab handles are from the Syncro I managed to get one off without it falling to bits I could send it to you if that would help, if so where do I send to .
    Cheers Bob
    1. nils
      Thinking you may have a traķka or something like that? Have you tried posting a thread i the T3/4 forum here? The blokes here are really knowledgeable on where to find stuff that you may have come up dry yourself. I mention this as it will be cheaper than me making them.
      Throw me photo before you spend your hard earned cash.
      Apr 27, 2019
  20. Luckyphil
    Way over priced as well