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New Profile Posts

  1. David McMahon
    David McMahon Alpal
    Alpal I would like to get two Dubbo stickers. could you tell me how to do it.....David McMahon at Old Bar. N.S,W, mcoldbar@gmail.com
  2. oldman
    oldman Alpal
    Hey Al, thanks for John and Christine's details, e-mail sent regarding Dubbo stickers..
    Stay safe in these crazy times Herr Racemeister and Krew.
  3. Rax
    Feeling the breeze
  4. Alpal
    Alpal David McMahon
    For Dubbo stickers contact John & Chris direct by email.
    Regards Alpal
  5. milly
    milly Alpal
    Hi Al,
    I ordered 2 x stickers for Dubbo and would love to still get them, my Email address is steven.white@justice.nsw.gov.au please pass on so I can make arrangements to have them paid for and posted.

    Steve "Milly"
  6. Alpal
    Alpal Van Housing
    Hey Wozzicle and Alice
    For Dubbo sticker email John and Chris direct.
    Regards Alpal
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    2. Van Housing
      Van Housing
      Thanks! :)
      Mar 25, 2020
  7. Alpal
    Alpal 68BUS
    Hey Brad
    For Dubbo sticker email John and Chris direct.
    Regards Alpal
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  8. Alpal
    Alpal David H
    Hi David
    For Dubbo sticker email John and Chris direct.
    Regards Alpal
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  9. Alpal
    Alpal melissa
    Hi Melissa. Possible to advise venue 2021? Chris and john had a camper booked and refund not available but can transfer to new booking. They are thinking of next year depending on where it is?? Top secret!
    Keep well. ALpal
  10. Cassie Dubelaar
    Cassie Dubelaar
    Putting the bus back together, so many questions lol
  11. bindin
    Kombi's I love the style and simplicity of them looking forward to my first project in retirement.
  12. Trevalla
    Trevalla Mordred
    Hi Mordred - do you have any recommendations for respray and some rust repair??
  13. grumble
    Retired and enjoying life with my wife.
  14. SurfWagen
    SurfWagen Debstar
    Hi Deb, our details are Mark and Helen Thomson. See you there
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  15. Alpal
    Alpal Olive
    Re sticker. You want just 1?
  16. back street bessie
    back street bessie
    Good Morning Its been a while, saw the light on thought I'd drop in
  17. Miss Poppet
    Miss Poppet
    The Happy little Bus fundraising for Variety The Children’s Charity :)
  18. brett hampo7
    brett hampo7
    Any1 want to buy a vw Kombi annexe . Nearly perfect condition and original
  19. Wattie
    Wattie wombatventures
    Terry, what about the Apex beach CP here in Mildura ? got everything and will probably have plenty of space from after the first week in February, might even get a few turn up from the east.
    1. wombatventures
      Have stayed there a few times Geoff. Great spot. Will throw that idea into the mix as well. A combined Vic/SA/NSW event.
      Jan 19, 2020
  20. Dylan Butler
    Dylan Butler chris taylor
    Chris, I wanted to thank you and your mechanic for helping me get my Kombi back on the road.

    You may not be aware, but my mechanic in Port Pirie contacted your mechanic, who then recommended a man named Rick from Victoria to restore my steering box. Rick did an amazing job and was very helpful to me and my mechanic.

    I hope your 2020 is going well so far. All the best. Dylan =)
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