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New Profile Posts

  1. Colin R
    Colin R
    So I'm now part of the 'freindly' bunch - here's some background. NO - Once again - spat out. I'm outta here.
  2. Dan Harrison
    Dan Harrison Luckyphil
    Hey friend told me that you aren’t going to bus stop am willing to buy your spot if you could text me your bank details etc I will transfer money my number is 0422622635 thanks
  3. MatildaT2
    Getting back into Kruising
  4. Dibbler
    1974 Transporter with Sopru camper fitout - 1800 cc Type 4 - disc front
  5. Craig
    Craig westie
  6. Trent & Meg
    Trent & Meg
    Kostley the Kombi
  7. Gary Osborne
    Gary Osborne Syncro27
    Hi mate. Looking for a good welder / painter for my 90 T3. Anyone you may know. Cheers Gary
    1. Syncro27
      Hi mate, I had one that moved up to Port Macquarie and I found another that did my van 2 years ago but he just retired. Im sorry I cant help at the moment. I even have a small bit of rust coming up in my van and I am in the same dilemma.
      Mar 10, 2021
    2. Gary Osborne
      Gary Osborne
      Thanks for your time anyway mate. Cheers Gary
      Mar 10, 2021
  8. skarab
    Booked and paid. Thank you.
  9. RonH
    RonH Justine Wilby
    Hi. Not sure if I'm misinterpreting but are youin the business of making Kombi curtains?
    Cheers Ron
  10. Balki
    Balki syncro
    Hi Syncro,

    Thanks for the steer on the wheels. I'm thinking of going in another direction though. Appreciate the advice!
  11. Mrvolkswagen
    Mrvolkswagen geoff62sw
    Hello Geoff it’s Andrew
  12. grumble
    Happy as a pig in s...t.
  13. Alpal
  14. Felix the Cat
    Felix the Cat 76 kombi
    Hi 76 Kombi
    Sorry to bother you.
    If you are able to fit the triangle window in my Transporter Trakka, would you let me know the best time that would suit you.
    Felix the Cat. Fee
  15. Nutbucket
    Full Restoration - looking for recommendations for bare metal respray - I know about The Kombi Shop... any others on the coast?
  16. Lou Littleoak
    Lou Littleoak 76 kombi
    Hi -re Seats
    I’m Vic country as well
    Please send pics 0418294243
  17. David McMahon
    David McMahon bagman
    I also like the Shell model .....do you know where I can buy one ?
  18. David McMahon
    David McMahon bagman
    Hi, my name is David... Love the Dickie model....do you know where I could bye one in the Newcastle area ?
    1. bagman
      David - try TK Max stores . That’s where I found the the Dickie model .
      Dec 6, 2020
  19. Gary Osborne
    Gary Osborne Luckyphil
    Hi mate been a while. Hope all is good. Wondering how I can get antique Kombi rego thru the club. ? Cheers Gary
    1. Luckyphil
      Hi Gary
      The Kombi Club is only a forum and dosnt have anything to do with veteran & vintage car rego. You will need to join a car club
      Oct 19, 2020
  20. MartyVS
    Just a middle aged fella wanting relive the best bits of my childhood!
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