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New Profile Posts

  1. Colski
    Colski brof72
    Hey mate I see your original post in January regarding selling front seats , did you manage to sell or do you still have them ? Cheers Clogfree
  2. brujef
    '82 air cooled EFI
  3. Titch
    Titch Ninga
    They told me I wrote too much. Hope all is well with you and yours. Jackie is still getting over her broken hip but is travelling well. I wont tell you anything about my ills and chills. Stay safe, keep well cheers Vince and Jackie.
  4. Titch
    Titch Ninga
    Hi you all. Vince and Jackie from a very blasted and cold windswept area of this loverly Isle.Had the S E S in last evening to try and stop the iron roof sheets on an old shed from blastimg onto the adjacent highway

    Successfull in the end. They do a wondorous job.
  5. Kombi914
    Living Outside of time
  6. Xombi75
    Xombi75 1500king
    Hey Andrew,

    I currently have some chinese imitation webers on my brand new 2.0 type 4 engine ... These carbies tune up just fine, buit don't stay tuned for very long, before they start idling high?

    Do you sell dual carbie setups, and something which might suit my new type 4 two litre better? A set of solex is my preference, but really anything which will suit the engine.
  7. Jenny Frappell
    Jenny Frappell
    Living the dream.
  8. Jenny Frappell
    Jenny Frappell
    Living the dream
  9. Sarah Younger
    Sarah Younger
    Booked powered site Thursday - Monday
  10. deger
    Denise and Darren. LKL "Living life in the Kombi Lane" (or will be when I finish rebuilding the motor)
  11. deger
    Denise and Darren
  12. GS-PEARL
    Pearl has been sold on to a loving new owner that can give her the cut and polish that she needs.
  13. Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    Hi, I want to sell a van and would like to know where to post it on your page? Cheers, Mark.
  14. Ignats
    I ended up swapping out the carbs for some new ones
  15. friz
    friz Unglees
    hi mate did you get the STEDI for the bus? did they fit straight in ok without mods? i also have a 76 bus on the northern teaches.
  16. friz
    friz Ignats
    Hi Ignats, I was reading with interest your issue on "engine stuttering". What did you do to fix it? My issue seems identical ! Was it the fuel pump? Cheers for any info. Friz
  17. Quombi
    Bring on Bus Stop 2023
  18. David H
    David H Quombi
    Well thank you Quombi :-)
    1. Quombi
      what did I do now?? Hi Dave x
      Mar 23, 2022
  19. Chris Hennessy
    Chris Hennessy
    Recent Kombi buyers, loving the road trips and camp outs in our 75 Bay. The vibe driving our girl is life changing
  20. Bee
    how do you post a conversation? New member stumbling through.