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  1. letwig
    No dramas, send me a message with any questions you have and I will assist where possible.
  2. letwig
  3. 73kombi
    Countdown well and tryly on for BUS STOP2017 Looking forward to seeing you all at Swansea :)
  4. Bingo
    gooday seeking a new or reconditioned steering box for my 1974 Kombi - yes I know it's hard ! would really appreciate any help
  5. zimbo
    zimbo letwig
    Hi, I'm interested to chat to you about importing from South Africa...
    Not entirely sure how to chat on the KC.
  6. Brian Walker
    Brian Walker
    Hi Myself Jessuca (13 and Millie (12 ) are staying at Blacksmiths camping ground and looking forward to the Kombi weekend.
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  7. RoxnDobz
    Let the journey begin...
  8. speirs61
    Looking for a 61 hump seat for my splitty if any one could help me out
  9. Lisa
    If I'm not in the van I'm in the boat
  10. aircooled
    Been on hold while my family has been expanding! Looking to get back onto it soon!
  11. Crump74
    My father handed down his orange type 2 (74) . Its the car that I grew up with and cant wait to start working on it.
  12. nip
    new member
  13. nip
    new member
  14. nip
    Hi everyone,this is my first post,I just met a member
  15. Mr Beckstar
    Mr Beckstar Woolly
    Hi Woolly, hope all is good and you're finding plenty of time for kombi cruising.
    I saw your add for the steering boxes. Any chance of a couple of photos of steering box 1 for someone a thousand km's away? I've got an early bay but would like to be sure it's the same as the one on Elly-May. I'm looking to recondition a box and then swap out with the one that's on her now as it's definitely not the best.
    Saving and rebuilding Kombi in Indonesia and exporting to NZ
  17. BarcLayoni
    BarcLayoni kombijon
    Hiya Kombijon, i have a t4 2.5l petrol cranks over no spark, was running ok, has done this before but cant seem to get it going this time, last time we wriggled relays, took dizzy cap off and coil connections and it started, been running for weeks now done it again, could this be immobliser problem and how could i disable it to try it?
  18. Peter Oberegger
    Peter Oberegger kleinersyncro
    West Footscray, give me a call if you passing
  19. Peter Oberegger
    Peter Oberegger kleinersyncro
    Arne, are you about tomorrow?
    Do you have your van back?
    1. kleinersyncro
      Hi Peter, unfortunately i'm not at home tomorrow as I'll pick up the Syncro from the garage. I'm back home late probably.
      Which suburb do you call home, maybe it's on the route.
      Jan 21, 2017
  20. Jenny Frappell
    Jenny Frappell
    I now have music. Woohoo