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  1. Brad McVea
    Brad McVea
    Have an oztrail awning to attach to the camper poptop. Having trouble with the awning arms facing skyward. Any suggestions?
    1. Brad McVea
      Brad McVea
      I am trying to mount it in the groove of the pop top (if that makes sense). Any pics or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
      Apr 24, 2017 at 8:25 PM
  2. Ricky Wood
    Ricky Wood
    Kurley & Sandy having a sun bake
  3. Karen Holmes
    Karen Holmes
    Hi folks. Hubby was a member of this group years ago I think. Found the event in Facebook when Leo Rowan posted it.
  4. liz bradley
    liz bradley Weekender
    Easter 2018
    Site 80 booked
    Mobile 0412126055
  5. Tickle
    Tickle BrianK
    It would be great to see you guys, haven't seen you for ages. Don't worry about the car, we just took a caravan to Bustop lol
  6. Alpal
    Alpal melissa
    Hi Melissa.
    With John and Chris at Hervey Bay and thought it might be good to get them on KC. They have a log in but do not remember password. Last used 2008!
    Log-in is Nocare
    Can you fix?
    Regards Alpal
  7. Ged_Palmy
    Ged_Palmy bern

    Do you have a lowlight fuel flap rounded edges

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    2. bern
      mate I have one of the next model, after Lowie sorry
      what's the dimensions?
      Apr 19, 2017 at 10:16 PM
  8. Bluebagger
  9. LilRedRuby76
    Just heard the news for Bus Stop 2018 and we are super excited! Stanthorpe!
  10. nip
  11. David H
    David H
    Old guy with 76 Sopru 2lt fuel injected. Had 'Old Boy' for 29 years. Picture cost me 2 front ball joints.
  12. David H
    David H
    Old guy with 76 Sopru 2lt fuel injected. Had 'Old Boy' for 28 years.
  13. Poptop
    Poptop zimbo
    Hi Zimbo
    I wanted to import two SA VWs sell 1 and keep 1.
    Interested in process and pricing.
    1. zimbo
      my email is if you have specific questions... don't often come on here.
      Apr 11, 2017
  14. Poptop
    Poptop zimbo
    Hi Zimbabwe
    Where did you get with importing a SA kombi?
    1. zimbo
      it took a while with a few hiccups but it should be here soon.
      Did I ask you in the past?
      Apr 10, 2017
  15. Ian Welsman
    Ian Welsman Mesacgod
    Hi this is my story I brought a 1800 kombi engine from up lancheston way I took the engine home but could not fit the engine myself so I took it back to the bloke l brought it from 3 months later I went to pick up my 74 kombi he had put in another engine he said the one I brought of him had a split case so decided not to tell me the engine I took up was reconditioned buy him now the engine
  16. Whitie
    My greatest fear after life, is the kombi will be sold for what I said I paid for it
  17. Daniel Green
    Daniel Green
    After 10 years of searching I have finally found my split screen! Let the journey begin Wal!
  18. Liam Organ
    Liam Organ chayle
    Hey mate
    nice pictures, doing a good job.
    I have a question, when you installed the new panels and tacked them in. what was that you put over the seams, some sort of putty???

    and what did you put on your paint to make it bubble like that before you scrapped it off???


    1. chayle
      Hey liam to make the paint bubble i used paint stripper coated all the paint in it ..went through a bit of it haha but let it sit on it till it bubbles like i did then with a scraper and good quality chemical gloves scrape it off then once i did that washed it off with a gurnie to get the chemical and exess off.. its very messy but works
      Apr 9, 2017
    2. chayle
      As for the welding i welded them in place then put somerust converter on it cause i left it a bit but thought it might also prevent future rust in time then after that grinded flat then just body filler sanding body filler and sanding and body filler and sanding hahah still gotta get it perfect its taking a while but i havent done any for a while now been slack haha but hope it helps a bit for you
      Apr 9, 2017
  19. Liam Organ
    Liam Organ
    Just started restoring my 1974 T2 Kombi, WISH ME LUCK!!
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  20. Davekt
    Davekt cruzr944
    Hi do you still have the sunliner
    If so I have one too and was just wondering how the gas hatch is hinged and locked