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  1. Luis
  2. jeffbundy
    hey guys only new here got a 1977 kombi camper doing up slowly hope to pick all ya brains some time soon. I'm Bundaberg cheers jeff
  3. MrBubbleHead
    Hi yes I've a set here if you're after some
  4. peter915
    peter915 peter1000
    Hi there
    Hope you're well
    Peter - I'm thinking about putting locking diffs in my Syncro
    So, would you have the diff cases to suit.
    I'm just after the diff cases
    I've got under-coat on all sides of my T3, rubbing back. Still got the roof to do.

  5. Patroni
    Patroni Low Rida
  6. David H
    David H
    Old guy with 76 Sopru 2lt fuel injected. Had 'Old Boy' for 30 years. Picture cost me 2 front ball joints.
  7. Pedr Klein
    Pedr Klein Aspro
    Hi Aspro,
    UK, its certainly an international passion.
    I have the the black centre, if you have two i would like to purchase both, or one of each.
    personal details
    Thanks for replying.
    Thanks in advance.
  8. Bunyip
    Bunyip Barry
    Hi Barry,Could you tell me which Bilsteins you put on your T3 ,and what is your opinion of the ride ? Thanks
  9. CloVar75
    Nara Clohessy, Steve Varlet and sons Om (10) & Zen (8). Forum name is CloVar75. Booked and deposit paid for Bus Stop 2018.
  10. Olive
    Can anyone steer me towards someone who can remove my old R & R bed & replace with a Kustom Kombi unit in NSW
  11. tracash242
    tracash242 bern
    hi replying to a post i had about seats, intrested in the seat mounts and a seat from a bay to go into my 67 split
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    2. tracash242
      can you send me a pm with more details
      May 27, 2017
  12. aircooled
    Looking for a dual cab.....
  13. LilRedRuby76
    Just booked into Bus Stop 2018!! Wahoooo so excited!
  14. Kombi67
    Richard & Penny from Ipswich and the restoration of a '67 Kombi. Follow the journey on Instagram (@Kombi67)
  15. TRAKKA
  16. Beau
    T3 syncro 1992
  17. Jenny Frappell
    Jenny Frappell
    I have a day of work. Clean the house or work on the Kombi?
  18. Gordon D
    Gordon D
    Finally in the game - now a proud owner of a '73 Westfalia Camper
  19. shelbyright
    Sesame Street Smart
  20. Yourdescipable
    Thanks for having us Albee