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  1. wombatventures
    wombatventures stylez
    Can you text me a photo of your rock'n'roll bed mate. My number is 0413867380.
  2. poGo
    poGo Roos4us
    Interested in the lowlight bumper if you've still got it ;)
  3. Geoff Dearden
    Geoff Dearden
    Had a perfect 76 camper in the early 90's, in the market for another
  4. chris taylor
  5. Kupae
    I'm Kupae
  6. Dave & Joanne Smith
  7. Diy89
    Diy89 Luckyphil
    Hi Phil, How would you like payment for the bracket..I can direct deposit into your account - tell me how much I owe you? mob 0447573894
    My postal address is Jim Sebbens, 44 Backhouse Street Wentworth Falls 2782.
    Cheers Jim
  8. donj
    heres a picture of my 73 kombi camper that im selling on gumtree and ebay and carsales ..its a sweetie and im trying to get $23000 ...
  9. kimosabi
    WQQ - Wookie T3 Subaru powered 5 speed
  10. Helen Grimson
    Helen Grimson syncro
    Can you please advise how to undo hex bolt to replace crankshaft oil seal???
    1. syncro
      I have never had to do it.
      Aug 1, 2017
    2. Helen Grimson
      Helen Grimson
      Thanks anyway.
      We fixed oil cooler seals but crank is leaking too. Who may know how to undo this bolt. Sny suggestions?
      Aug 1, 2017
    3. syncro
      What year and engine code do you have?
      Aug 1, 2017
  11. chris taylor
    chris taylor Slippery
    Morning David.
  12. Lou Lou
    Lou Lou
    Hi. I need to replace/fix front seats in 76 Bay. Can anyone recommend someone in Newcastle NSW please.
  13. beerdoc
    reVOLKS 2018 Oct 13th / 16th
  14. Brillo
    NEEDS DOOR CARD CLIPS FOR BAY 76. Can you help?!
  15. No1 Rocket
    No1 Rocket
    Rod and Melanie Taylor
  16. MAP77
    MAP77 DanSA
    Hi Dan,
    Thanks for that, my address is 17 Bylong Place, Ruse, NSW 2560. Please advise costs so I can first send to you. Thanking you Mark
  17. peter915
    peter915 syncro
    Thanks for dropping off the windows at Mother-in-laws place
  18. Savannah
    hello after some Kombi seats! preferably in Tasmania and in decent condition :) for a 1974 Kombi but will look at anything from 1970-78
  19. liz bradley
    liz bradley Alpal
    Hey there Alpal, would I be able to ask John to make us a sticker for back window of new splitty? How do I get hold of him? Cheers.
    1. Alpal
      Hi Liz
      Think John and Chris just took off on hols but send them an email and see what happens.
      Tell them I passed om email address.
      Regards Alpal
      Jul 5, 2017
  20. Luis
    Say Hi! :)