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  1. deger
    deger 1500king
    G’day Andrew, Darren here. I’m Adelaide for TDU and wanted to have a chat about a couple parts i’m Chasing for an engine rebuld. What is the best way to contact you??
    1. 1500king
      Hi, 0409360075, or through my FB page..."Volksdoktor"
      Jan 18, 2018 at 1:13 AM
  2. Leighton
    Leighton syncro
    Hi Phill,

    Just seeing if you can help me out with any other info on the 2.5 Ottinger engines for the T3. I currently have one in my van and am trying to confirm if it is the real deal. It was built by Leo Number 3.

    These engine are aftermarket? or Factory extra?

    Any if you have would be great.


    1. syncro
      Oettinger were aftermarket. Some engines reported to be aftermarket were just copies. I don't know how to tell the difference.
      Jan 17, 2018 at 6:25 AM
  3. milly
    milly Weekender
    Hi Weekender,
    We have a smallish 6 pack metal/plastic esky from K-mart brand new we are willing to donate as a lucky door prize, it has a beach theme & kombi on it if you are interested ?
  4. Dfenn
    Dfenn Roy
    Hi, David here, We have just bought our first Kombi 1974. We are in SA and just trying to navigate our way around the club. Hope to catch up with some of you at a meet somewhere in SA soon
  5. JOHN S
    JOHN S Van Housing
    Hi, I am in Melbourne too and wondering if you and or any other forum members have the latest news on retrofitting power steering units to bays (lowlights) please.
    Any info about parts, suppliers and costs etc would be great.Looking forward to hearing from anyone soon. Cheers, JS
  6. Al Sweeney
    Al Sweeney
    On the road most days
  7. komsun
    Born in a kombi (almost) in my blood ever since
  8. Syncro.Society
    Hey Guys, here we have my 1991 Volkswagen t3 syncro transporter. Looking to restore it to its former glory. Follow me @Syncro.Society
  9. Syncro.Society
    Hey Guys, here we have my 1991 Volkswagen t3 syncro. Looking to restore and travel in it, I require help along the way from my fellow
  10. Kombi67
  11. Peter Jackson
  12. Peter Jackson
    Peter Jackson
    just returned from a 2 hour drive - now the kombi cuts out when idleing
  13. Jason stock
    Jason stock letwig
    Hi Letwig
    did you find a VW in Africa ? Im currently going through the process my DC Lowlight arrives around the 11th of January
    Happy to help as I also have made some solid contacts in South Africa !!
  14. Luckyphil
    Yes that is correct. Please contact me via PM not comment on profile, a lot easier.
  15. peaches and cream
    peaches and cream Luckyphil
    Hi Phil, thanks for the advice. Just checking we are on the same page, my Kombi has not seats at all, so are you saying I should advertise to find a set of T3 rails with seats?
  16. peaches and cream
    peaches and cream Luckyphil
    Hi Phil, I have recently joined this club and have a 74 Camper in the process of restoration, I was given your name from Mark as someone who may be able to assist me. I am in need of front seats for my Kombi, was also told that may be simpler to buy post 77 rails and have them fitted with seats from a T3, can you help?
    1. Luckyphil
      You are better off getting a set of T3 rails from a wreck as the bay rails dont fully suite the T3 seats.
      Dec 24, 2017
  17. Corey Goldsack
  18. Airfireman
  19. Paul Reyburn
    Paul Reyburn Frank
    Hi Frank, I saw on a 2014 post you had some experience with East Coast Classics in SA and was wondering if you could share that with me. They are working on a bus for me and it sounds like I need to be aware of their shortcomings. FYI they also did a previous bus restoration for me and the quality was pretty good, but sounds like it has gone downhill since.

    Thanks, Paul
  20. johnvw