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  1. Mitchell Stark
    Mitchell Stark
    Can’t wait for my new Kombi pity I sold my 63 as the old ones are worth more than the new ones!!!
  2. greenie
    Once a VW owner - Always a VW owner
  3. Roy
    Roy melissa
    All done
  4. Diy89
    Diy89 syncro
    Hi Phil....wondering if your home this Thursday 12th - mid morning say 10.30.
    I'll call in pick up and pay for the folding bike if your home.

    Can I get your home address?

    Jim Sebbens 0447573894
  5. Jacko
    It was our first Kombi rally and we came home with the biggest smiles on our faces. Can’t wait till next year in Mallacoota
  6. onetrackwonder
  7. Trish Bramley
    Trish Bramley
    DOKA 91 our dual cab ute
  8. Trish Bramley
    Trish Bramley
    Hello everyone we live at Ballina and looking forward to joining you tomorrow
  9. KristianBramley
    Hello to everyone, We live on the border just down the road from Stanthorpe. Looking forwards to joining in on activities.
  10. Campervanstu
    Looking for a new camper
  11. Craig McDonald
    Craig McDonald
    So many ideas but not enough money.
  12. bern
    bern 73kombi
    mATE I WAS A BIT WRONG ...GOT ONE BEAUTY AND checked pulled apart 4 doors all 72 -75 and now sending an adapted beetle one, and a good kombi one
    today so you can decide, spent about 3 hrs on it
    clips in them
    should work
  13. Buggirl
    Hi, I've had a '70 Beetle for 18 years, she's now got a partially restored '72 Westfalia for company
  14. Kombi Kapers
    Kombi Kapers Weekender
    Hi Weekender, thanks for all your organisation for Stanthorpe, I’m sure we’re going to have a terrific event.
    Can you please confirm you have Linda Whitfield included as a participant sharing my site.
    Also I have swapped sites with Terese Cullen. (Gracie78). John Sutton and Linda Whitfield are now on site 19; Terese Cullen is now on 20.
    Thanks,.. John
  15. rstucke
    rstucke Kombi77
    I think you're posting in the wrong spot.
    go to the forums (button top left of the page)
    Then go to new members section and introduce yourself
  16. Kombi77
    please somebody talk to me :(
  17. Kombi77
    Please , somebody talk to me !!
    1. Kombi77
      Like your kombi
      Mar 10, 2018
  18. KennyK
    KennyK Gordon D
    I also have a 73 Westfalia continental.
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    2. Gordon D
      Gordon D
      Fantastic - need to see pics :)
      Mar 16, 2018
  19. Volkswurst
    We specialise in authentic German sausages giving you the German experience! Hit us up when you’re hungry or just to talk kombi's !
  20. Volkswurst
    We are a couple car enthusiasts who also love food! We’ve merged our passions to create a custom VW Kombi foodtruck.