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Dusty Waves
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Sep 16, 2021
Apr 7, 2011
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Dusty Waves

Member, from Qld

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Sep 16, 2021
    1. roverbay
      Gday Dusty. I did an ej20 turbo motor into a syncro about 6 years ago for a mate. The conversion was easy the biggest drawback is the crap gearbox. he has had 2 rebuilt Plus a 2nd hand one in this time. Taking into account he is really soft on the car. I Started to do a complete subaru trans diff conversion on a spare body but was pulled up by ill health. I hope you have success with it but i would seriosly think about the h6 motor really smooth Ernie
    2. rowansnow
      Hi Dusty,

      I was very interested to do one of those EE20 Conversions and still am.
      Realizing that I would have to pay experts to do the conversion I realized I didn't have deep enough pockets.

      SO I went out and brought the best Syncro I could Find Body and Engine wise to save the expense.

      I have however extensively researched engine swaps and from my research I have found that a Diesel
      engine with a high torque output is perhaps not the best match for the Syncro gearbox which can handle a Max of 200 NM of Torque.
      So you would have to be very easy on the accelerator or detune the EE20.
      FYI guys in the states have put 2.5 Diesel conversions in their Syncros and I know of one where he is on his 5th Transmission Rebuild!!! $$$
      Seems that the Syncros Achillies Heel is the transmission strength.

      But dont let me stop your dream of a Boxer Diesel T3 Syncro, I think it would be awesome to see it happen in AUS.


    3. rowansnow
      Hi Dusty,

      Im a Syncro owner and am interested in the Subi 2.5 Conversion let me know how it's going..
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