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Special Air Service
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Jul 12, 2017
Apr 29, 2008
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Special Air Service

Active Member, from Old Bar NSW - Home of the Kombi Festival

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Jul 12, 2017
    1. Mike Kerr
      Mike Kerr
      ex grunt hi
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    2. Geoffro
      Do you mean the Merc ones I took to Valla? They're 15" but not sure of the ET. Also the standard nuts wouldn't catch the entire thread. The sliding door only opened all the way when his van was lowered so we bought a rear hinge to lengthen when Dean then raised his van back up, and the project was waylaid. He was asking $200 but you can pm him for some pictures and more info. He has a set of 12 spoke 17's that you can ask him about.
    3. Geoffro
      Thanks you kindly for the effort but I may do a flying trip down next week and get the mission accomplished. I have a week off after getting my surfer's ear drilled out and it is not as much pain as expected but will review early in the week if I can drive safely. Phil has so much stuff it won't hurt him to hold onto it a while longer, I hope.
    4. Special Air Service
      Special Air Service
      Geoff, not going to the nationals but, am going to sydney for work this week so may be able to call into phils on the way down or back & pick it up.

      will be travelling past tuesday about 2:00pm & back through on thursday about 10:00am. not sure what vehicle Ive got to drive down as yet (hire car), but if I can fit it in & manage the time then pick-up shouldnt be a problem. Perhaps we can arrange with Phil to leave it at the side of his house or something & if I can get it I will.
      I know Phil fairly well through the kombi club, so shouldnt be a problem. My number is 042775344 if you want to give me a call sometime tomorrow for a chat .

      Do you still have those mag wheels that came with Deans van? I may be interested if you do.

    5. Geoffro
      Hi Brendan,

      Are you off to the Nationals this May? Before you answer yes, I was wondering if you could possibly fit a chromed bumper with end caps and drag it back to Old Bar. I bought one off Lucky Phil and was trying to save a southern sojourn. Easy if not going or too big or even disinclined.


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