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1973 Kombi Sopru Campmobile

Discussion in 'Resto Corner' started by Grazza7755, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. David H

    David H Well-Known Member

    I've had the rear shudders from new tyres once. Mech swapped rear to front & all good . It was just a set of tyres that didn't like being on the back of a Kombi. Go figure!!! Please don't analyse this too much but it's real.
  2. pat84

    pat84 Member

    Well I guess I'd better introduce myself here and slow down the pace on this Kombi.

    My names Patrick and this will be my forth Kombi over the last 15 years. I picked up this beautiful camper last Wednesday with a whole lot of help from Graham. Can't recommend him enough if your thinking of buying one of his future projects. Picked me up from Ballina despite the roads being closed due to the fires, took me back and showed me around his workshop, fed me breakfast and all. Kombi was just as described and he was very helpful through the whole process. Its great to see a team of oldschool guys doing what they love and doing it well.

    We've decided to call her Sonny and she went flawlessly on her maiden voyage back to Sydney. Had a couple of races with trucks at most hills but she passed the test. I got the chance to have a look at a couple of things over the weekend which I'll get sorted then its blue slip time. The only issues I found so far is the horn is dead and the fuel sender. I'm thinking if I need to pull the carbs off to get the firewall out I'll give them the once over too. There's gotta be a little gunk in them from twenty years in a shed.

    As far as hoses and the like on the engine all looked great except the car seems to have had EGR at some point that's been closed off. Did this come on Australian cars or is the engine likely from the states? It has the Dual vacuum can on the dizzy too which I haven't seen before. Even has the factory RPM limiting rotor button.
    Ran a temp earth to the sender resistor line and the gauge came to life:
    EGR inlet on manifold
    Also the heater fan wasn't running so I checked it out and there's no earth to the relay. If I run it to earth via the ampmeter the relay clicks and fan comes to life with 7.5A draw so all good there. Is there an earth switch built into the cable mechanism on the dash? I don't have the blue and red handles so I didn't play too much.
    That's all for now. Once I get the carbs off and start to play with them I'll get back on here with my findings.

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  3. Barry

    Barry Well-Known Member

    Abbotsford NSW
    G’day and Welcome

    Reckon you got a good one there

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