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A Bonnie repair.

Discussion in 'Kombi Club' started by Archeress, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Archeress

    Archeress Guest

    I finally took bonnie to VW Mechanical here on the coast last thursday and had to wait till this morn to hear the RW check from Wayne.........here goes..

    Wheel cylinders
    brake shoes
    disc rotors repack
    tie rod
    4 hydrolic brake hoses
    3 ball joints
    2 front shockers
    And a partridge in a pear tree.
    2 front VW seatbelts
    reverse lights
    High beam
    wiper combo switch
    putting horn from dash to back where it belongs in steering column.
    reverse lights
    fan...for the demister to work.
    spare tyre ratchet.
    So far this is around $2200.
    Then theres the rust.
    Forget what he said on the phone but theres various sills and under drivers seat so his cutter is coming in next week and in Waynes experience it will be under a 1000....gees i hope so.
    With that he will issue a RW but then it will take me another 2 weeks to save for the 3 rear seatbelts and compliance and rego.......
    But DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WILL make it to Klubfest.............

    My bonnie lies up on the mountain,
    My Bonnie lies up on the hill,.........lalalalalalala
  2. Diddlie

    Diddlie New Member

    Perth WA
    Well done kelly - progress, progress
  3. Doc

    Doc Well-Known Member

    Go for it Kelly
  4. KahunaKombi

    KahunaKombi Super Moderator Staff Member

    Bracken Ridge, Qld
    Perseverance and you'll get there - going through a time myself with parts but being positive helps heaps :)
  5. kyznet

    kyznet Active Member

    Ashgrove 4060
    Bloody Nora Kelly (as my father would have said). That sounds a long list, but you'll get there one day and Bonnie will be truly splendiferous. :)

    If you don't have Bonnie all sorted for KubFest, you're very welcome to crash at our place beforehand and come down with us in Lola.
  6. 77bay

    77bay Active Member

    Woody Point
    Sounds a bit over the top, good luck with it and we'll see her at Klubfest.
  7. kombidaze

    kombidaze Member

    Uki NSW
    nothing much to say about that except scarrrrry, good luck with the roadworthy you are very determined to get bonnie on the road and good on you for that after all it is only money and kombies are worth so much more than that. we purchased a kombi from the side of the road for $850 but after visiting the local vw mechanic to get her roadworthy for rego it cost us an extra $2000 for gearbox and rust and labour never have met a kombi that didn't cost $$$$ but thats kombi love.
  8. Toni J

    Toni J New Member

    Sunshine Coast
    Lists, lists,lists,......$$$$$$

    At least you now have the list of what has to get done Kelly. As you have found out Wayne is pretty thorough and will get it the RWC for Bonnie to be on the road.... hopefully for Klubfest.

    Don't you just love those phone calls from Wayne. It was a real experience to get under the hoist of the DC we were looking at buying to see him make a list of what it needed to get a RWC. He is very thorough and took the time to explain to us each bit that had to be done as he compiled the magic list. Brings to mind the fact that they are 35 year old vehicles that need TLC and $$$ to stay on the road.

    Brett (Toni's other half)
  9. Michael

    Michael Member

    Hi Kelly,
    Just been going through the same process myself. Have been wanting a kombi since late teen's (now 44), finally purchased one last year. When I saw the list of things to be done I nearly went into a depressive state, and even considered bailing on the whole idea. It sat there for a while until I decided to go for it anyway. Set ourselves a max target to spend, that included the full engine rebuild. Is on the road now and am really enjoying it mate.

    You know, I thought to myself ...people can do a lot worse with money...gamble it away etc. I've spent a few gorilla's (that I didn't have) on a life long dream and it's made me very happy. Now looking forward to some trips down the coast (no more huddling in the tent on cooler evenings), and enjoying the whole experience.
    Good luck with whichever way you go, wish you all the best. Michael.
  10. Spinner

    Spinner New Member

    Manly, Brisbane, Q.L.D
    well, now i dont feel so bad with the amount that my roadworthy cost. jeez louise!! i just keep telling myself that it is only money!!! (as if i have so much to throw around!!!)
    good on you kelly, keep at it and you will get there.
  11. Archeress

    Archeress Guest

    Hey thanks guys and gals for the exasperations and the support. When i bought Bonnie..or rather when i adopted her i fully expected to pay a couple or 3 k to get as much as possible done....I have bought cars in the past and then within a year have spent a couple k on them and im thinking SH#$ i bought a lemon...But with a Kombi my attitude is different....I expect to spend and i shall..3 thou' is about the sum total of my worth at present and im selling a few bits and pieces to help...Unfortunately i was voted against selling off the sofas and replacing them with bean bags and the Austar has to stay....I said i might have to sell the Parrot.., she heard this and was the first time i have heard her utter a word..FAAR#$%$#..So the Parrot stays.I'm thinking she might travel with me all the time..Kelly with the blue Bonnie and the green parrot A kombi version of a bag lady perhaps.....
    I could have saved up hard (which was near impossible coz i kept getting other ideas in my head for spending.) Or i could have bought a bus that needed fixing and then i would have a fair idea about whats wrong with her and this is what i did. I have done minor work on other vehicles and got oil and grease under my nails and hated it....I get kombi grease and oil under them now and i dont mind a bit..After all i am a dementia carer and i wipe bottoms for a living....not much difference. One of the main reasons i thought Bonnie was worthwhile was that she had a major heart bypass worth 3 thou'....given that the price in all was 3,900 sold to my by a guy who was totally clueless i thought i got a steal..........All in all..im happy...She can stay at Waynes in Buderim for another month and another 1000 so long as she comes out near wedding night pure.....damn did i really say that?.gawdddd.
  12. Royce

    Royce Active Member

    Goulburn NSW
    Now that's committment!

    A very wise old lady once said:

    "Persistence and Perseverance makes a bishop of his reverence"

    Good on you for giving your dream a good bloody shot..

  13. Archeress

    Archeress Guest

    Thankyou very much 73...i like the saying too.
  14. kyznet

    kyznet Active Member

    Ashgrove 4060
    In the meantime, I just noticed a crack in my steering wheel. You keen to fix? Hehe. :)

    Keep your chin up cheeky chops.
  15. GypsyWannabe

    GypsyWannabe Active Member

    Quakers Hill, Sydney

    You're scaring me! :eek: I haven't even taken Janie to someone to look at yet - just been doing little bits I think will need doing.

    I will simply not be able to afford major work for some time... :confused:

  16. Archeress

    Archeress Guest

    Hey Baz.at least you are going to tackle the wiring urself...now thats championic....(hey is that a new word?).now thats scary stuff in itself..........i knew if i pulled out one wire i would keep going and then before i know it it wouldve been a mess.
  17. Mr J

    Mr J New Member

    Most the items on the list are safety related eg brakes, shocks etc so fixing these things is certainly worthwhile.

  18. chopper

    chopper New Member

    south of goldy

    Keep at it; yes, it's expensive but.......IT'S WORTH IT!!! Once Bonnie is on the road and you're driving with a smile on your face whilst everyone is going 200mph and looking sourfaced you'll realize that it is worth it. And oh, wait until you pass a busload with young kids-all waving madly at you...priceless!!!
  19. Archeress

    Archeress Guest

    Thanks chopper....yes it is worth it........When Bonnie went on the tray to the mech' , half a dozen kids came out from houses and wanted to know where she was going..They were relieved when told that it was going to be fixed....
  20. Archeress

    Archeress Guest

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY ..she who has won my heart has been repaired.....
    I got a phone call on friday to say that all the mechanical work has been done (even the horn wiring has been put back where it belongs).
    The rust guy had a look and said.$500 ..(I am going to have to learn to mig weld..) So the grand total is $2978...Plus i have to pay $166 for my CTP and then shes back home for 2 weeks whilst i save to get rear belts and pay the rego........then its off for a few 100 mile runs to get her nice and run in and get her all washed and polished for Klubfest...........OMG OMG..i cant stop saying OMG........Bonnies comin' off the mounnnntain..Bonnie's comin' off the mounnnntain........steady kel.......

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