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A1 Mechanical Service

Discussion in 'Kombi Stories' started by heartland, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. heartland

    heartland New Member

    Hobart, Tasmania
    Some of you might remember a posting I made 6 months or so ago about sending Big Ted of for a checkup - at the time we queried the price we were charged as it seemed excessive and Big Ted did not seem to run any differently either.

    Now I know it was excessive price we paid as we have recently sent Big Ted to Carl Jedamzik Automotive in Hobart - for starters Big Ted purrs like a kitten - no more stalling at traffic lights - I knew it wasn't my driving technique!

    Tony told Richard from Jedamzik what had been done prior to Big Ted so we weren't doubling up on things.

    We had on order from the other mechanics a "Dust skirt" for the engine and at the time cancelled the order as we could not afford to go ahead with it - the same part Jedamzik was half the price!

    Tony only dealt with Richard at the time - when the Invoice arrived I phoned them up and asked for Richard so I could pay the Invoice and rave to him how happy we were - as soon as I said who was speaking (only using my christian and surname) the next words out of his mouth were - "How's the Kombi going?" - we proceed to have an in depth chat about the Kombi - at the end of the conversation he said to me "Say Hi to Tony".

    So I would like to recommend if you require good old fashioned Customer Service and excellent mechanical skills that you don't need a second morgage to pay for Jedamzik is the place for you. Ask for Richard.

    Please note I am in no way affiliated with this business or their employees - just a very satisfied customer with a Kombi that goes like a dream.
  2. heartland

    heartland New Member

    Hobart, Tasmania
    Today we also sent Big Ted to the Auto Electrician in Bellerive - Bishops - to have an isolator switch put in before our hols - as we discovered when away last time that there wasn't one and we completely drained both batteries on the first night.

    So all in all Big Ted is raring to go in more ways than one - he's purring like a kitten - I drove him home from Bishops with Tony following behind in my car - so we will go for a decent drive tomorrow charge up the 2nd battery and fire up the fridge overnight tomorrow with the isolator switch working and see how we go.

    Any tips anyone.
  3. kombimatt

    kombimatt Active Member

    Dodges Ferry, TAS

    My mum and dad both owned older model Mercedes in the 90's which were sourced by the then owner Carl Jedamzik and looked after by the Jedamzik crew.

    As a teenager at the time I loved calling into to get the Benzes back after each service - Richard was an employee back then did a fair bit of the work on mum and dad's cars.

    Carl has since retired and Richard and a partner have taken over the business. My mum fondly recalls their association with Jedamziks and Richard in particular.

    Good to hear good old fashioned service still reigns supreme.

    Even better news to hear that Big Ted is running sweetly. Puts a big cloud over that other establishments job they did for you previously.
  4. cbus

    cbus Well-Known Member

    sunshine coast
    Glad to hear Big Ted is purring Jane.

    There are some restrictions on us posting experiences with business that really should not be operating so the only alternative is to share news of the good ones.
    Obviously a good one to add to the list.
    A mechanic [or tradesman] you can trust is a great asset.
    Have a good Christmas cruising with a BIG smile on your face.

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