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ACT Local Events

Discussion in 'ACT' started by phantom, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. phantom

    phantom Member

    Rural NSW
    Just a reminder for any dubbers in the ACT (and surrounding) area - we have a VW club here (Club VeeDub) and run a lot of local events, however we keep finding locals that don't know of our existance.

    You don't have to join our club to start coming to events, come along and try it, its all about meeting other VW people.

    For example, I have just returned from a local camping trip, great chance to bring your Kombi camper, tent, caravan, swag....a wonderful weekend.

    The local VW forum is located at www.vw.smonson.com/forum, have a look at the events coming up, or contact some of the other locals to find out more details. We have some great VW people in the ACT but we don't see them.....

    Contact me if you want more info. Thanks!

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