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Adelaide crew and the sheriff

Discussion in 'South Australia' started by ttmck, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. ttmck

    ttmck Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hallett Cove STH AUS
    Yesterday the 27/12/08 a few adelaide members headed to the Barrossa valley to meet up with the Sheriff Gang from over the boarder ,
    Members present were Komodious , Ed and Fran minus ED but pete was there , Westfalia75 Ruth David and family , ttmck, damian and family minus a few i think , Klauseflocker and his famous micro brewery was visited and we where all made welcome and im glad i got that carton of wheat beer to bring home ! great meeting the sheriff gang and having a wonderful kombi yack at the caravan park in tanunda , i hope all got home safe and sound and you all had one hell of a great night with our famous musos !! not too many sore heads this morning. Happy travels Rich and family , im so glad you came to sth aus and most of the gang could meet up your true kc members for inviting us all
  2. kommodius

    kommodius Active Member

    Well, that was a heap of fun!
    Da Boyz and I cruised to Tanunda with Damien, Grady and Oscar and lobbed in at the caravan park. We met up with ttmck and discovered that the Sherriff had already taken off for Greenock and the Brewery.
    After booking our sites we headed off to Klause Focker's Beer Emporium and caught up with Sherrif and Simi and their offspring Amelia (Gittar Grrrrl) and Tom. Surf Rat and Evan (Tasmania) were there too and we began the serious business of tasting beers and deciding which brews would return to camp with us.

    A Kombi Club record was set on that sunny day!! We emptied a brewery!

    Klause's fridge was big enough to resto 2 splitties at once after our visit because it didn't have any beer left in it!

    Shopping for "other" supplies in Tanunda on the way back found me and Damien and our Boyz waiting an hour for a hotdog! I don't think we can recommend the Tanunda "Snack Shack" to fellow travellers unless they like sitting on footpaths waiting for pieces of burnt bread! The "Slack Shack" is definitely off our list of stops!

    Back to camp for beers and catchups.
    Had a jam with Gittar Grrrl playing everything from Deep Purple to Eric Clapton, accompanied a bit of fire-twirling with Damien and later he and I had a tune or two before the caravan park gestapo shut us down.

    Great night with Fran with Dylan and Amie and Pete, Mafti, Ruth and David with Ariel, Banjo and Caspar, Michelle and Aimee from South Aus.
    Met John, Pop and Uncle Buddha and generally Kombied it up! Brilliant!

    Leaving Mount Barker & trying to catch Damien!

    Hamburg Hotel at the Brewery.

    Surf Rat's bus. (Save the rats!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Klause's buses. (That splitty isn't as "standard" as it seems!)

    Happy trails visiting folks!

    Ray & da Boyz
  3. Ed

    Ed Member

    Adelaide, SA
    What a great chance to catch up with everyone and meet new faces. Plus it gives us all a reason to have a few beers and brandy.
    Camping ground was fantastic, music was great as always. Cant wait for the next camp!!!
  4. 1975 Westfalia

    1975 Westfalia Member

    Adelaide Hills
    We had a fabulous time. I've never seen anyone jam around the campfire with a drum kit before. Thanks Damien & Kommodius for the music, while it lasted.

    The swimming pool was great. Banjo really has a taste for the water now, and the jumping pillow was heaps of fun for big and little kids. Both worth going back for.

    I didn't sleep well, and was plagued with a ghastly tooth infection Sunday, but kept my mind off it by keeping busy. Fran & clan joined us for a walk around Tununda, a trip to the wonderful Krondorf preserves & winery, then on to pilfer mulberries from one of the most famous international vineyards in the Barossa!

    Since returning home, I've made a mulberry tart, mulberry yoghurt and mulberry jam with the rest of the 2kg haul. Can't wait till the fig tree is ready for harvest. I will return!!!!

    We wrapped up our Adelaide Hills travels with a trip to the giant rocking horse. By this time I could barely drive through the pain and was glad to get home.
  5. kommodius

    kommodius Active Member

    Couple more shots.

    Sherriff's bus outside the brewery:

    Damien's lowlight snuggling up to Fran's Foreigner:

    Kombi Kids inside a brewery!

    I welcomed the New Year with my diminished stock of Klause Focker's magnificent Lager.
    If you are ever in the Barossa take the time to visit the brewery.
    Great hospitality and some of the best beer you'll ever taste anywhere in the world.

    Ray & da Boyz
  6. GoblinSA

    GoblinSA New Member

    Adelaide Hills
    How awesome! I completely forgot about this one!!!
  7. Klause Focker

    Klause Focker Member

    Greenock Western Barossa
    It was vantastic to meet everyone in Greenock.
    So sorry we couldn't make the caravan park, (something to do with restocking the coldroom!)
    Great bunch of folks, who are always welcome, infact any KCers passing by!
  8. Sheriff

    Sheriff Active Member

    Warburton - Yarra Valley
    Hi everyone,
    We made it home safe and happy last night (back to work today...:( )
    Had a fantastic time in the Barossa with the SA crew. Thank you all for your hospitality and entertainment, even Tom (11) commented days later that if it were not for the Kombi we would not have me soo many people over the years, people that are now friends, nice insight from a kid I say!

    It was great to spend time with the whole SA bunch but I must make special mention of our resident muso's, Ray and Damien, I agree that a drum kit in a campsite was a first! (Ray, Da Boyz are an absolute credit to you) - thanks also for Jamming with Amelia, she loved it!
    Thanks Klause for the Brewery Tour, most impressive and discovered quite by accident. We were actually heading to Tanunda when we saw Kombis in the side street, thought it must have been the crew we were meeting so stopped...only to discover another KC member - now that is a discovery, one that owns a brewery!


    Thanks Tom for the effort to come up on your one day off and return home that night ready for a shift the next morning, it was great to see you!
    Until we meet on the road next time!!! Take care and thanks again!
    Rich (and Kombi families in tow)!
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2009
  9. Mafti

    Mafti New Member

    As I said Rich I dont post that much but will take this opportunity to say Gday again. It was great to meet you and your family, even the crazy ones. For me it was worth doing the late afternoon trek up to camp the night with the KC crew again.
    My only regret is I missed out on seeing that beer brewing boilermaker again.


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