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advice on baby restrain anchor point in bay kombi

Discussion in 'Bay Tech Clinic' started by mickey, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. Shaun

    Shaun Member

    Geurie NSW, Australia
    Great Westy!

    Is that the original rock and roll bed in the back? We have an earlier Westfalia Continental (1973) with a full width rock and roll bed and even though our kombi is registered to carry 5 people our local restraint fitter refused to fit a crab bar or other anchor point for us because he didn't like the fact that the seat back was wooden and there was a little bit of movement in it. It wasn't a big deal for us at the time as our son was almost at the age where he no longer needed to be in a child restraint. But now we have another child and we are having to travel in two cars every time we want to take the kombi somewhere!

    Because our kombi is all original on the inside we don't want to make any major changes to it - we looked into the Kustom Kombi rock and roll beds but based on their measurements we were not confident that it would fit our existing under-seat cupboards. Your crab bar set up looks like a nice neat solution - did you need to have an engineer's certification? Although I notice you are in QLD - things may be different for us in NSW.

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