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Ankor Wax Or Penitrol etc

Discussion in 'Body' started by KombiFringe, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. KombiFringe

    KombiFringe Member

    I have read all the rust posts and still confused..
    I can now drive my bus in the back yard and want to get to the surface rust developing
    from lots of camping and travelling.
    SO do I sand fine grade then ankor wax or penetrol on the outside?
    (Not going back to bare metal all over not painting yet)
    I want to do the rubber seals also do I wax all the surfaces or fisholine/ penetrol
    I know bunnings sell penetrol but I thought that lasted about 6mths
    and ankor wax 2 years??
    First timer doing this stuff now I can get my buss of the street…..
  2. 77/kombi/surfer

    77/kombi/surfer Well-Known Member

    Budgewoi N.S.W. AUSTRALIA
    you just need a clean and dry car to apply either of these two.
    Anchor wax makes your paint work look dirty if it white colour.
    You just wipe it one an polish it by hand as you go and leave it.
    It does seem to wear off the shine over 3 months or so I reaplied mine again.
    Cant say I agree with it lasting 2 years, maybe the sealing of the paint but not the shinny finish.
    Penetrol goes hard so if you plan to paint the whole car down the track good luck getting it off.
    As for your window rubbers I don't use anything on them. Its good for a ratty finish if you like that look but I wouldn't put it on o.g. paint my self.
    I think ive seen something on hear about putting stuff on them but if you have good new rubbers youll get years out of them before you need to look at doing anything to them.
    hope this helps!
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  3. 68BUS

    68BUS Well-Known Member

    Window rubber will benefit with some Rubber Magic made by (or sold by at least) Rare Spares.
    Spray it into a rag and rub it on. It is silicon free and help to lubricate and renew them each wash.

    I would go ankor wax for outside.
    Use penatrol for you inside sills and inside the roof folds (if you don't have a headliner).

    If you are on DSK there was a post there where someone bought a bus with penatrol on the outside and the UV rays had broken it down and yellowed it badly. He is having a tough time getting it off now.
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  4. wirrah

    wirrah Well-Known Member

    Lower Hunter, NSW
    I've used Ankor wax externally as my '71 used to stand out in the weather (no more though - it's snug in the shed). If you do not apply it evenly you will end up with darker streaks as it ages which will be obvious on good paint. And it doesn't maintain a shine as chuckster mentioned. It's supposed to last 2 years outdoors (and it may very well in it's home country conditions) but I had to reapply more often than that to keep up its water repellent effect. It is easy to remove when you have to though.

    Ankor wax also goes a long way and you don't need all that much.
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  5. KombiFringe

    KombiFringe Member

    Thanks for the Help
    I will use penetrol on the rust leaks inside the doors and sliding door.. inside
    and I think I will replace the rubbers to stop the leaks.
    I am not ever going to paint the out side as I keep spending on other things,
    and I don't have a garage and never will in the inner city. I am making a sliding gate to get the bus
    in the back yard..Yay gone is the trampoline, garden setting the the dog kennel making space for my bus so I
    will buy a cover at least. My paint is a good home job of the previous owner
    where its got scratched off in the months of constant camping, its rusting so I like the
    wax on the outside and I will get used to the rat look..

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