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Auto gearbox kombi 1.8

Discussion in 'Bay Tech Clinic' started by akira5094, May 2, 2008.

  1. akira5094

    akira5094 New Member

    Sydney - Randwick
    hi, my kombi gave up yesterday and won't reverse anymore. VW village told me that the gearbox needs to be rebuild and they are charging me 1800 bux. i haven't decided yet on what to do. any recommendations? I also woud like to know whehter this is the correct price to pay.

    Please help!!!! Thanks.
  2. peterbro

    peterbro New Member

    Freo, W.A.
  3. Aging Surfie

    Aging Surfie New Member

    Waikiki Western Australia
    Drain the oil, take of the pan, clean it out, refill with fresh oil. It will cost $40.00 and is worth a try. If the pan is full of burt black stuff its the linings in the box gone. Make sure that reverse is begin engaged either externally (on the side of the box if early model) or internally (late model box) from the cable.

    There is a couple of gearbox types. The earlier model are expensive to rebuild.

    I have been quoted $1200.00 for a rebuild and I have taken the box out. Also be aware that after the box has been rebuild the endfloat for the final drive to box needs to be reset.

    Good luck.



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