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Bay costs. It adds up quick.

Discussion in 'Bay Tech Clinic' started by Aging Surfie, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. Aging Surfie

    Aging Surfie New Member

    Waikiki Western Australia
    I brought a 77 bay 2 ltr, carbie with a blowen auto. It had been sitting for two years. I ended up rebuilding the engine, fitting a second hand auto, replaced brake rear brakes etc etc.

    Just thought I put this up as some general info. IE think about the costs before you start any Engine or Body Work. I have done the labour myself and there are many hours invovled. I am yet to start the front end and interior. The moral of the story the $500 Kombi was a great buy if you have the money & knowledge to fix it. I have now driven this Kombi and have to say its awesome compared to my 74 Bay manual. May have something to do with it being German. Any way I was worth ever cent.:D

    There would be at least another $200-$300 of incidentals not listed below.

    Dollars What
    $500.00 Purchase
    $350.00 Towing
    $50.00 Engine oil
    $45.00 Trans Oil
    $25.00 Filler
    $100.00 Paint
    $371.00 Brakes
    $20.00 Fuel hose
    $16.00 Hose clips
    $25.00 eyelids
    $25.00 Heater hoses
    $400.00 2nd hand auto gearbox box etc
    $25.00 Indicator relay
    $15.00 Vacum elbows
    $120.00 Battery
    $80.00 CV boots
    $45.00 VW symbol
    $100.00 Eng Gasket set
    $123.00 Auto Gasket set
    $900.00 Engine Parts Pistons, barrels, cam bearings etc etc
    $130 cam shaft reground
    $45 cam followers reground
    $200 window seals
    $660 Heads recond
    $35 HT Leads
    $25 Alternator Wiring Loom
    $25 Voltage Regulator
    Total $4,455.00

    Take care and be warned !

  2. MattB

    MattB New Member

    Good informative post, thanks Deano! Hope the rest of the resto goes well :)
  3. Split 1

    Split 1 New Member

    Just think how much it would be if it was a splitty???

    I lost count over 12 months ago


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