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Bear Gully (Walkerville South) - Free Camping

Discussion in 'Victoria' started by Live&Direc, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Live&Direc

    Live&Direc Member

    Well, I read the post about Waratah Bay, and I'd heard about this cool spot called Bear Gully - and we'd been hiking down around the Prom, so I figured that we could take an extra night on the return trip to Melbourne to check out 'Bear Gully'.

    It is at the end of Bear Gully Road, in Cape Liptrap Coastal Park

    ( 38°53'18.16"S, 145°59'12.93"E - Courtesy of Google Earth)

    (VicRoads 102 J8)

    It was the week before Christmas, and we were pretty lucky to get a spot.
    Follow directions to Walkerville South, via either Fish Creek or Wonthaggi.
    Just before the end of the road, there's a gravel turn off, called 'Bear Gully Road'.

    If you miss the turnoff, you'll see a kombi-unfriendly sign in Walkerville South:


    But if you get it right, there's green grass, and plenty of shade. Woodfire barbecues are provided - BYO wood.

    Clean, new toilets and running water (don't think its treated though...).
    We couldn't find the tap - turns out its on the girls' side of the toilet block :) - maybe bring a jerry can for drinking!
    According to the other campers, a ranger came around every day to check up on the place.


    The beach is about 50m away from the furthest campsites!


    But outside of Christmas, I reckon there'd be hardly a soul down there.

    Check it out!

    - Rowan.
  2. Iris76

    Iris76 New Member

    Belmont, Newcastle
    We stumbled across this place from the Camps Australia wide book. We landed there with the thought of staying 3 nights and stayed 10 :D - that was in January 2007. I believe you look onto Wilsons Prom from the beach but the fires were so bad at the time, it was obscured by smoke the whole time:eek: I'm really looking forward to visiting it again this January. It's a beautiful spot for free camping.
  3. grady

    grady Member

    Northcote Vic
    wow spend my whole life on holiday in the general area and never new this place or a free camping ground existed i may have to brave the cold and camp down there a bit during the uni break
  4. london_mike

    london_mike New Member

    VIC 3071
    Looks beautiful. Do you know if dogs are allowed ?
  5. xerxes

    xerxes Member

    south east melbourne
    My son and I thought we'd check out Bear Gully since Venus Bay was packed out by the time we got there - really nice camp spot (won't mention that if there's anything that might come loose on the kombi before you hit Bear Gully Road - tie it up nice and tight haha rough ride..) no dogs allowed - bore water no drinking water (just to answer questions)


    Clear Day so we could see the prom gorgeous spot for walking


    Not so good for swimming...


    But we found a little spot to cool off - definately go back there when its cooler and want to walk the rocks a bit more... there wasn't a spot free to camp it was packed out (no surprise) but we stayed all day and headed back to Venus Bay to see the sun set on 2011 - really nice drive to get there too :)
  6. Desmond

    Desmond New Member

    We went there for Easter weekend for a night, was a beautiful spot, and seeing as you're not supposed to park anywhere in Gippsland overnight, was a welcome place! It was pretty full, but we managed to squeeze in between a few tents, so worth a try even if a busy period!
  7. Hally

    Hally Member

    Beaconsfield Vic
    I have to say every year just after New Year we go to the Waratah Bay Caravan Park, whilst not free. Just the best kids beach...Being a big kid I love it. Funnily only an hour and a bits drive from our house.....I should go back more often.
  8. Tangles

    Tangles Well-Known Member

    On the road somewhere
    Stayed here last night - great spot. Thanks for the tip :)
  9. jenniewren

    jenniewren Member

    Yarra Ranges, Victoria
    Off we trekked...heard about this via this site...use to go to Waratah Bay etc as a child and as someone mentioned...the best swimming for small children, I have to agree. Lake Tyres beach and Back beach at Lakes Entrance also fantastic for small kids & camping......(our children are BIG kids now)....never knew Bear Gully existed. Took good friends there with their 75 Bay Camper....was gorgeous. Camped overnight, bit cool when we went a few months ago and decided following morning that starting the fire up was not an option as the dark clouds started to roll in. By the way...you need to take your own fire wood in....scrounging for wood in this area is prohibited! Packed up in five minutes and drove to Inverloch for a scrumptious breakfast in Inverloch and 3 cups of the best coffee till the weather blew over. It poured...but we were snug and happy. Would we go back? You bet...it is going to be one of our favourite places to stay!! BUT avoid school hol's...gets packed out and is not a big area! Found numerous water holes that would be awesome to float about in, in summer!! Just need to walk a little way over the beautiful rock formations!
    Also, for those of you wondering....NO dogs allowed and a brand new toilet facility with numerous fire pits scattered everywhere.....very well maintained camp ground!
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