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benefits of a bigger sump

Discussion in 'Bay Tech Clinic' started by Ian61, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Pisces

    Pisces Member

    Hi Brad
    Have you fitted this and how did it go
  2. 68BUS

    68BUS Well-Known Member

    Not just yet.
    Having moved house twice i cannot find the cooler and fan. Just the smaller gear.
    And the cooler is about $350 worth. So i need to turn the house upside down so i can get it happening. :p
    I will get there one day. Worse case i will buy a new one then find the missing one a day later
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  3. Syncro27

    Syncro27 Well-Known Member

    Terrigal, NSW Central Coast
    I put a deep sump on my old 1641 in Beryl.

    My van ran at least 20 degrees lower using the same temp sensor (which is in the sump plate).

    This was using the same gauge and sender and wiring with readings before and after.

    So in my proven case it offered considerable cooling effect.

    I note that they hang below the engine (heat rises) so its the coolest part of the engine and it gets the cooling effect of the many ribs to the sump with lots of air flowing over it.

    Hence, despite the doubters - mine worked really well.

    I would get one for my current 69 but its been lowered at the back and I would probably loose it on the first speed bump.

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