Best and worst concerts ever?

Discussion in 'Entertainment Xtra' started by Dredhead, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. 1500king

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    Adelaide, SA
    Seen a few acts...Metallica(92), Offspring (Americana), Greenday(back in Uni and also American Idiot), Good Charlotte(supporting for Grinspoon)..both good. These days have a real fetish for acts like Zeppelin and Creedence..just wish they would do it one more time..:)
  2. evan&janine

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    chambers flat
    As a brissy tragic, the eastern suburbs rlfc at coorparoo on a sunday night after w' end of chasing a surf , saw in the early days, chisel for $3.00
    inxs, canned heat, divinyls, wendy and the rockets, all usual suspects, began to change feel and crowd to the punk scene and where there used to be a packed house warranting extension to fit us all in 4- 500 went back maybe < 100 on any night. Such good times, it reminds me of the led zep
    Song remains the same, double album cover , shows the Ritz shiney and new on front and its demise on the back. For those who remember albums on vinyl .

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