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Best Mats to get and where to get them.

Discussion in ''How To' & 'Handy Hints'' started by OSF, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. OSF

    OSF Well-Known Member

    Sutherland NSW
    Evening all.
    I guess all mats are not created equal.

    What's the best mats to get and where do I get them.

    I'm looking for the following for my 1976 DC:
    - Cab rubber mat or carpet
    - Under seat floor mats
    - Step rubbers
    - Rear cabin mat ((though I'll probably refer to Poptop etc and the other DCers on here going through this at the moment)
    - Mat / rubber thingy (???) that covers the spare wheel, situated up front underneath the passenger side 2/3 bench seat. I've never seen one, but saw a pic somewhere.
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  2. andrewjdriscoll

    andrewjdriscoll Active Member

    nelson bay, nsw
    Hello OSF,

    True, they are not all equal. My only experience in this regard is when I was attempting to source a front cabin mat for my 1972 Microbus. All the other mats in the bus are original, so I wanted to find something as close to the worn one now in Oldman's possession. (My pleasure Mark). I wasn't overly impressed with what was on offer locally. I found what I wanted on Custom and Commercial's website and the Bus Stop were kind enough to procure it for me as a special order. I got what I paid for. Hope this helps.

  3. Wayne murray

    Wayne murray Well-Known Member

    Seven hills
    I don't know whether I should make any comment mmmmm. :rolleyes: For the rear the best and only one is wolfsburg west one at $165 us plus shipping looks very close to the original one,But saying that I have only brought one haven't fitted it to the car. After Poptop comment in is post I like to reserve my comment on that.
    For the front if it was up to 72 vw heritage does a reproduction of the original but this will not fit yours . Custom and commercial do have a reproduction mat for 73 -79. It would be like buying rubber from clark rubber and cutting it to fit,if you still have your original to copy.or just use the original if that's possible.
    For the mats under the seats I again use wolfsburg west on my microbus no problems for me they worked well and I'm going to use them again. Custom and commercial also have them listed so may be worth checking them out ,at the same time as the front if you go down that path.
    Step mats I found a pair of NOS ones there the best if you can get them .If you got any rust underneath these mats make sure the holes line up with the mat or they won't fit. Look in the for sale section Mr Bubble head was selling some ,email him if he has any left.
    Genuine VW rubber foot step pads 72-79
    The rubber thingy that cover the spare wheel .I have only seen one .It's a member on here Ruby 6689(Lorraine) We need to distract her long enough so we can copy it for ours.:p We can flip a coin for that job:D Or some photos are needed for that.Work something out.
    If you want carpet or rubber thats a personal choice for you but I've gone for rubber. As I did have carpet in my microbus, the owner before me put car carpet in mine but always looked like you had been to the beach and haven't got the sand out..That would of been cheap carpet .! mmmmmm I think I will comment.;)
  4. OSF

    OSF Well-Known Member

    Sutherland NSW
    Cheers Wayne.
  5. Poptop

    Poptop Well-Known Member

    Clifton Hill, Victoria
    I am going to pull the pedestal out and try fitting the mat first.

    I will take a few photos to show you my concerns.

    Yes it can be trimmed but to get this mat to your door is ~$300 US.
  6. MrBubbleHead

    MrBubbleHead Member

    Footscray Melbourne
    Just to let you know I now have some more of the good quality step rubbers if anyone is chasing a pair. These fit perfectly and are part numbered 211 863 736 drivers side and 211 836 735 passengers side.
    Message me if you're chasing a pair

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