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Black Wolf Tents

Discussion in 'Camping Australia' started by Barry, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. Barry

    Barry Well-Known Member

    Abbotsford NSW
    I was asking about Oz Tents the other day, and I have bought a Black Wolf Tent

    We are going on a couple of weeks holiday soon and I need a tent i can pack up quickly if it has been raining
    I have a JK Drive away type - but it just takes too bloody long to set up and down
    Yes - it is wonderful how it attaches to the van, but, for a 1 or 2 nites it just aint worth it

    Anyway - we tried it out on a camping trip out a Coles Bridge - halfway between Sofala and Hill End

    I have to say i am bloody happy with it.
    The thing that put me off the Oz Tent was no fly.
    This is just as quick to put the basic tent up - yeah, lets call it a minute.
    Then, like the other, you have to peg it down.

    But this has a neat fly / waning that goes on.
    Quality is bloody good. There is a "lite" version, but we got the proper one.

    Another benefit is it a actually fits in a bus across the storage area.
    The Oz Tent you either need roof racks or no seats

    AND you can stand up in this one - unlike the Oz teant

    It was about $900 and I got mine from Rays at Lidcombe NSW

  2. Kombi Dad

    Kombi Dad Well-Known Member

    Bungendore, NSW
    The OzTent does have a fly though you have to purchase it separately. Mine, an RV3, has the fly, annex walls and caravan connector (all bought seperately) and can be connected to the bus in via a rope channel which I fitted:


    though normally I use it on the trailer I tow and use the fly as the annex on the bus:


    I only set it up fully if the camp is for a few days or more. You are right, in my opinion, no matter what you choose it has to go up and down quickly. The OzTent does not take very long (manufacturer claim is 20 secs) but with the walls and annex would be a couple of minutes if you really worked at it. I generally take longer as I am never in a hurry.

  3. Syncro27

    Syncro27 Well-Known Member

    Terrigal, NSW Central Coast
    Black Wolf and Oz Tent must be close competitors as tOz Tent have a similar one to yours Barry called the "Jet Tent".

    Seems to have the same setup, basic shape etc etc. They retail for about a $1000.00


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