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Buggergary's 76 sopru camper Flipper

Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by Buggergary, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Buggergary

    Buggergary Member

    Smithton Tasmania
    Funny you should mention that while doing some cleaning up i found another set of keys in the front passengers side indicator lens lol
    I have since relocated them in case somone that knew about them might take to going for a ride :eek:
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  2. David H

    David H Well-Known Member

    We're a canny lot Kombi owners. The vehicle seems to produce a way in us about interacting with it;).
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  3. Wayne murray

    Wayne murray Well-Known Member

    Seven hills
    Were have the previous owner, stored the screwdriver to get the lens off!:rolleyes::eek:
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  4. Buggergary

    Buggergary Member

    Smithton Tasmania
    Has been a while since i have updated this thread work and trying to organize room to work in my shed took over for a bit. It's been a bit cold and wet here in Tassie lately but when i fire up the little fire pot it's bearable for a few hours work. I am not doing a full resto but just going through things making it road worthy and generally tidying things up as i go.First up i removed the front bumper and bullbar so i can repair them and
    DSC02857.jpg DSC02855.jpg
    It all looks pretty solid under the bumper but it looks like it has had a bit of a tap in the front early in it's life and been repaired as there is a dent in the bumper nose that couldn't be pulled out by the looks plus there are welds along the seam inside the cab. Its mainly just light surface rust everywhere but i am worried about the crimp join that runs across the front above the nose it seems to be swelling in places and i don't know how i am going to get the rust out from inside the crimp. Has anyone got any ideas? I have soaked the inside with penatrol and it has wicked through to the outside but i don't know if that will stop it going any further.
    I removed the tray under the floor to check things out under there and was surprised how nice things look under there for a buss that's 43 years old. What i have found so far is that the spring on the brake pedal return is broken and the steering box and a big leak as there is oil all over everything in that area and was pooled in the tray. I haven't driven it on the road at all apart from about a km down a gravel road with half flat tyres so i don't know if the steering wanders or has any play in it. But all the balljoints ,tierods, tortionbeams and the center pivot feel tight and have no movement and looks like they were regularly greased judging by the large amount of old grease build up on all the joints. I reckon the steering box will have to come out for repairs so i'm hoping it hasn't been run without oil in it for too long.
    Up under the passenger side guard there is no bubbling rust at all and it is very clean with the only rust being surface rust in patches here and there. I have just cleaned it down and brushed on some rust treatment to hopefully kill the rust then after a few days i covered it all with penatrol so it can get into all the nooks and cranies of all the joints. I'm not too sure if this is the way to go or not or what to coat it with after the penatrol dries but i'm sure someone will comment with a better way if i'm heading down the wrong track. DSC02859.jpg
    While i was under there i found the shock had worn through the bottom rubber so i removed it and fitted a spare rubber i had in my junk bits and refitted it and it was like new and will be ok for rego.
    I also made up a gadget to spray the penatrol into the sills and channels in various places and give it a test run up into the windscreen pillars and the passenger sills. It seems top work ok just not sure if the spray pattern got it into every surface where i poked the tube but i had penatrol running and dripping out of holes everywhere for a couple of hours so hopefully it's done the job. I just brought a cheap weed spray pump sprayer and fitted some plastic airline with a garden irrigation spray nozzle fitted on the end.

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