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Bus Stop 2015 Wrap Up

Discussion in 'The Kombi Club Bus Stop 2015' started by melissa, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. melissa

    melissa Administrator Staff Member

    Newcastle NSW
    Just arrived home after 4.5 days with some of the best company around. Every year this event just gets better and better and that would not be possible without the members who support it by coming from far and wide. From flying in from Tassie, driving from South Australia, Victoria and Queensland and of course NSW, you have all made me very proud. We are a diverse group of passionate Kombi Drivers and even when our beloved lets us down, some of you still came sans Kombi - and we salute you!

    We had a pretty easy cruise up in convoy from Heatherbrae on Thursday morning. We got a bit divided after our lunch stop at Telegraph Point but it probably made it a bit easier for the desk staff for check in anyway.

    The weather on Thursday and Friday was really nice - until Friday night at the meet and greet it started to sprinkle, then got heavier until we had torrential downpour - then it didn't stop - all night and all day Saturday. We had a few campers washed out completely - Choco and Summa were lucky to grab a cabin, Gerry and Robyn's spot became a river - Kai and Moe ended up with a mud bath. I am sure there were more so please tell your story. The non-attendees need to know how much fun we had - to make them more jealous than they already are. ;)

    On Saturday morning, the rain made our photoshoot an adventure but what was amazing was that 85 kombis turned up - normally when we do a photoshoot there are a lot that find it too difficult to pull down camp and leave - well not this time - FANTASTIC EFFORT EVERYONE. The cruise to Bellingen was a nice drive and the town itself was very accommodating.

    Our gala dinner at the Bowling Club in our Op Shop Formal outfits on Saturday night was a real hoot! The meal was very nice and thank you to everyone for your patience in waiting for your table lotto number to come out. The staff were fabulous and the surprise guest judge was just a fluke. He was entertaining and as a result of "bribes" we have $105 to donate to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter on behalf of Kombi Club.

    Our awards were a bit of a laugh as usual and I am eternally grateful to Lorraine for her organisation of a wonderful event that ran pretty much to plan. The cake to celebrate 10 years of Kombi Club and the 9th Bus Stop donated by Roy was cut by a couple on their "postponed" honeymoon - married last week and had to attend Bus Stop first, THEN go on their honeymoon - now that is dedicated. Cornish did a lovely job with the trophies. I think the rain finally eased on Sunday about lunch time. Enough time to dry some things out and have our pull back and RC races, then the rain returned late Sunday night but then brilliant sunshine Monday morning - just in time to pack up and go home. :/

    On Saturday night I asked if anyone would be willing to take on organising next year. A new member Deb offered and she suggested Newcastle. Her enthusiasm was appreciated but to make it fair, next Bus Stop needs to be "South", so I have asked Deb to organise 2017 Bus Stop. More details will be available soon while a collective of members from down "South" get back to me with their investigations. Lorraine has really set the benchmark for a brilliant event and here's to many more to come in future years.
  2. BrianK

    BrianK Well-Known Member

    Port Kennedy WA
    Well done Lorraine, top effort Darls. Hope all you guys had a great time. Cathy has done her last easter weekend work after nearly ten years working every weekend. Looks like I better get another KOMBI.
  3. mish13

    mish13 Well-Known Member

    Gold Coast "Parkwood"
    Thank you Lorraine for the huge effort you put in to make this event run without a hiccup. We had a great time even with the rain, fingers crossed we can get to the next one. Thanks Melissa and we are glad you had a good trip home.
  4. StevieVW

    StevieVW Well-Known Member

    Somerset, Tasmania
    How far "South" you thinking?
  5. Cafe53

    Cafe53 Member

    We are annoyed to be told this was a small event in our first year of Kombi ownership, would have died to be there our neighbours went up as a family on their annual holiday and have not stopped calling and messaging us on how much we missed out on so please book us in for next year

    Our neighbours I must say where treated with so much kindness and affection from you guys their daughter is buzzing, and is planning her first ride, so much so I am now going to give her some work so she can start saving for her Kombi, that's the VW family for you

    Thanks Guys

    ''yes we will bring Fillmore next year so hot fresh Italian coffee daily :) ''

  6. stusbus

    stusbus Well-Known Member

    Tamborine QLD
    What a fantastic weekend ! :)
    Even torrential rain couldn't dampen the spirit & kindness shown from this group of very special people to whom we now call our Kombi Family ! We would like to thank Lorraine & everyone else involved for organising BUS STOP 2015! :D
    Already looking forward to Bus Stop 2016 ! :p
  7. davidmcmahon

    davidmcmahon New Member

    Old Bar N.S.W. 2430
    Congratulation ,Lorraine,( and all your "unknown" helpers), on a well organised 9th BusStop, which Bev and I really enjoyed. The "highlights" for us were : 1. The rain and the mud ! (how did you manage to organise that ? ), 2 The Op Shop Formal----great food , Interesting costumes and a comic policeman.....and everyone got a lucky door prize!!!!!, 3.Patricia's tent filling up with water, and John's gazebo collapsing after Saturday night's rain, 4. all the mad remote control drivers on Sunday in the Smash up derby !!!(A great event ---well done Al-Pal . 5. the beautiful Trophies that Paul made for the Presentation......(maybe he could make us some for the Old Bar festival ) I had a great time , thank you everyone for coming...looking forward to the 2016 Bus Stop in Victoria........ David and Bev McMahon
  8. Animal

    Animal Active Member

    Great Work Lorraine and Co,Wendy myself and the kids had a ball.
    It was great to see some familiar faces and meet so new ones.
    Thanks for all the birthday wishes on sunday and cheers to Steve for the homebrew ginger beers,they were delicious.

    Shaun,Wendy and little animals.
  9. Alpal

    Alpal Moderator Staff Member

    Melbourne Bend of Islands
    Been there, done that. Twas gut!
    Whats next?
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2015
  10. oldman

    oldman Super Moderator Staff Member

    Avalon Beach NSW
    We're just home now……..
    What a meet !!
    Somehow I managed to lose a chair, an umbrella & 24hrs, over the weekend :confused:
    I've recovered the chair……left at Scott & Mel's……..the umbrella is goooooone……….& the 24 hrs? , well they were distributed between somewhere between campsites on the Sunday/Sunday night :p
    The rain just galvanised the kombi spirit & folks were just wonderful…..I didn't think I saw or heard a complaint from anyone over the entire weekend…….even cheerful despite the rain!!
    Un-packing now….will put up some pics - (I think I took some….?) - over the next few days.
    A big thank-you to Lorraine,Andy,Judy,Nick,Andrew,Melissa. Allan & John for their remarkable efforts. :cool:
    It would not have been the success it was without your combined & seamless efforts.
    (A very weary….) Mark
  11. The Dub Driver (Byronbug)

    The Dub Driver (Byronbug) Well-Known Member

    A huge big thanks to Lorraine for this years Bus Stop....soooo many people helped in many big & little ways...
    It was a mammoth effort to put this Bus Stop together but Lorraine did it...thank you to Melissa ..again your expertise in this is amazing!!... Andy for all your effort, Nick & Andrew the support network, & many others who lent a hand ...was wonderful to see it all go plan....
    Glad everyone loved the lucky door prizes...was just nice to know everyone walked out the door with a smile & something to keep & remember the Saturday night by.
    I really loved catching up with my 'kombi' family again....always feels like time never went by between bus stops as we seem to pick up where we left off...lol
    Really loved the fact all the newer members made the effort & came ...& now realised why we all love the Bus Stop every year....was great meeting you newbies all too.
    If I named names to thank for my weekend I'd be typing til next week but I had such a great time....such funny moments.....loved watching everyone play Jenka,
    Fancy dress, kombi races,..kras, gear knobs, & laughing at the 'Danger' tape wrapped around JD's campsite!!!
    Despite all the rain, I still had the best time ....thank you everyone for sharing my Easter with me ...looking forward to the next one...wherever it will be...mwah x
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  12. Kai

    Kai Well-Known Member

    Sydney, NSW
    Hi all, just wanted to echo everyone else's praise and thank Lorraine and Andy as well as Nick and Andrew for a great Bus Stop! So many kombis I think a lot of the tourists were amazed.

    I do have to admit I was feeling a little disheartened on the Saturday afternoon after returning from the cruise to see my campsite replicate something more accustomed to a pigs pen. Special thanks must go to Matt and Summa firstly for letting us encroach on their site and then offer their cabin after they got washed out as well. Secondly to Squidy for letting us then steal his second concrete slab on his site which cheered me up considerably.

    Thank you to Steve (Milly), Chuck, and the two Scott's for the fun surfs whether it was paddling into the small waves or charging the sets a little up the coast.

    To everyone that had to put up with my Dad embarrassing me the whole weekend, he had a blast (except probably the first night) and will probably buy his own damn Kombi soon!

    Finally to all the attendees for another enthralling Bus Stop! Roll on 2016!

    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 24, 2017
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  13. Alpal

    Alpal Moderator Staff Member

    Melbourne Bend of Islands
    Its a parents job to embarrass their children! It will happen again. Hope I see it so I can enjoy!
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  14. Jerome

    Jerome Well-Known Member

    My first bus stop ...what a great event ...
    The heavy rain could not dampen the spirit .
    great to meet so many new friends and catch up with old ones...
    look forward to the next one
    cheers Jerome & Suzanne
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  15. syncro

    syncro Well-Known Member

    Southern Highlands
    It's their turn now!
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  16. Billy Boy

    Billy Boy Member

    Thank you everyone for a wonderful weekend... ditto to all the other comments above!

    Thank you to all the wonderful generosity for the whip around... we have funds remaining, and have decided to pass it on to Luke from "My Mates Place'' coffee van. He is going to 'shout 'the guys at Eagle Copters some coffees on our behalf, as a thank you for their time and effort helping us with the photo shoot.
    Until next time...
    Andrew and Nick
  17. 73kombi

    73kombi Active Member

    Bonnells Bay
    Hi Scotty,
    Your "neighbours" are indeed a lovely family and it gave Deb and myself great pleasure to see the smiles on their daughters faces when we took them for a little ride on Monday before we came home. We both look forward to meeting you soon as we heard a great deal from them about you too! ;)

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  18. 73kombi

    73kombi Active Member

    Bonnells Bay
    As a Newbie to our first Bus Stop, WOW, I am still smiling, I think it will take a week for my face muscles to relax, the camaraderie of fellow kombi owners is an amazing feeling and the fun of the weekend was fantastic, my co pilot , enoyed herself so much that she put her hand to organise a Bus Stop and will be doing 2017, good on ya Deb ;)
    Thankyou Lorraine for a wonderful event and to everyone we met for your wonderful company.

    See some of you soon as all at the next Bus Stop!

    (wiggle in Blue suit) lol
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  19. Debstar

    Debstar Well-Known Member

    Bonnells Bay, NSW
    Yep was a great weekend, felt very much a part of a special community, you can suck up all you like Phil but I am NOT camping in that dam tent ever again!
    thanks all really looking forward to 2016, the middle of Au With the chance of NIL rain sounds good to me!
    2017 is going to be mad too ;)
    Looking forward now to our first Show & Shine

    cheers Deb "BillHily's crew
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  20. chris taylor

    chris taylor Well-Known Member

    adelaide sth aust
    I left late Saturday arvo and headed home due to a huge water leak from the roof gutter into the inside of the van .Everything was sopping wet blankets carpets and matress not to mention the clothing I left on the floor. my appoligies to all and especialy Loraine who did a fabulous job organising it all , look forward to next years event :( Left a message at the front counter for Loraine I hope you received it. Regards chris
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