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Buying a T3 Syncro

Discussion in 'Buying and selling help' started by THAR, Dec 28, 2020.

  1. THAR

    THAR New Member

    Hi, I am thinking about buying a very low mileage Syncro that has had practically no use for five or so years.
    It appears to be in very good condition. Would this long period of no use make it more likely to have the motor problems that T3's commonly have re head gasket and corrosion in bottom motor,etc.
    Any help appreciated,

  2. Syncro27

    Syncro27 Well-Known Member

    Terrigal, NSW Central Coast
    Hi Terry,

    Low mileage doesn't always mean no issues.

    Sitting for long periods often leads to head-gasket failure (weeping) and if incorrect coolant has been used, corroded heads studs are often the result.

    Check what coolant is in it and whether the main expansion tank is totally full (they should be). The overflow tank should be somewhere between the full and low level marks.

    The gearbox should be checked for noise when driving indicating bearing noise otherwise the wheel bearings and other wearing parts (other than brakes) should be good.

    Rust can be a significant problem if the syncro has been stored outside in the weather. Check all the seams, sills and around windows - common issues are windscreen rust and the top of the A-pillars.

    Best of luck.
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