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Camping weekend on Sunshine Coast - 21/22 July 07

Discussion in 'Queensland/Northern NSW' started by kyznet, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. kyznet

    kyznet Active Member

    Ashgrove 4060
    Hi All,

    We're looking at a camping weekend up somewhere on the Sunshine Coast (exact location to be determined) on the weekend of 21/22 July.

    Can you please advise if you are interested and if anyone has any ideas as to where to stay, that would be great? I'm sure some of our Sunny Coast folks will be brimming with good ideas. Once we know how many people are looking to come, I'll do a bit more investigation work with regards to accommodation.

    Look forward to hearing from you and putting a lot of faces to names!
  2. Spinner

    Spinner New Member

    Manly, Brisbane, Q.L.D
    oh oh oh pick me!!! I'm in. With bells on. If you need any help Kyznet, let me know...
  3. Archeress

    Archeress Guest

    I'd be in too................hope bonnies on the rd in july but there are lovely places up here for camping.....Charlie moreland, booloomba creek, Amamoor , Cedar creek and a apparently a lovely place to the east of Gympie starts with a K...i,ll have to look it up...I gots loads pics too.
  4. Toni J

    Toni J New Member

    Sunshine Coast
    Munna Point Camping Ground at Noosa?

    After the meeting at Robina on the 25th March Noosa (Munna Point) was suggested. Toni, George and I have just returned from a recon to Noosa's Munna Point Camping Ground today!

    We are going to check with Roy first about dates but as Kyra pointed out Queensland school holidays are June 23 - July 08 (2 week schools) but some private schools have three weeks. Not sure whether they start a week earlier or have a week more which would finish on the weekend of 21 and 22 July. Need to confirm with Roy which weekend.

    Also need to remember that this is the height of Grey Nomad Season here on the Sunshine Coast as Bernadette from Munna Point Camping Ground pointed out so powered sites may be in short supply.

    But.....good news is that there is a huge covered communal area with gas BBQ's and washing up facilities overlooking the Noosa River with magic sunsets. Also the camping ground has a shop! Only a short walk up the road to Noosaville with restuarants/takeaways/cafes etc and Dan Murphies Liquor Barn oh, so close. Ammenities Blocks are good and a boat ramp for those interested is in the camping ground. Camping area for tents all close together fronting onto the Noosa River and next to communal area. Unpowered section right near both of these areas of the camping ground at the eastern end then the powered section starts.

    We have taken photos of the areas and after discussion with Roy will post a new thread. Just a bit hard at the moment as we have just come back today and Roy leaves for Canberra tomorrow? Hopefully we have something posted just after Roy returns after Easter. So please be patient everyone.

    Munna Point is a lovely place and hosts many clubs. Last weekend the Sea Kayak Club was there. Also very strict with noise after 10.00pm and the Noosa Shire Council are policing kids on bikes with regards to wearing helmets.

    Until the next installment.

    Brett, Toni and the 'G'ster
  5. Golfy

    Golfy Member

    camping at the Sunshine Coast

    Hi! you can count us in, that's a lovely place to stay.
    Paul and Lynn
  6. kommodius

    kommodius Active Member

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! ............ winter in Queensland!

    Ray & da Boyz

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