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Changing drum brake adjusters

Discussion in ''How To' & 'Handy Hints'' started by Farky66, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. Farky66

    Farky66 Member

    Ok so heres how you change the brake adjusters. Very easy job but has made a huge difference in how well my brakes work. If you have alot of travel in your brakes before they engage and you have bled them this might be your problem...
    It cost me $18 to replace all of them (not including postage).

    Firstly, pop the van on jack stands, and make sure it is safe to work under/around.

    Then remove the drum - (a mallet might be handy) When i did mine, one of the drums had seized so it took over and hour to get it off :/
    drum inside.jpg

    Remove the old seized adjusters - Its fairly easy, just need to pull each shoe to the side and up just enough to get it out of the gap it sits in. Pull the adjuster out of the hole it sits in (Makes sense when your doing it). Do one adjuster at a time so they are both out.
    with adjusters removed.jpg

    I think the early bays have one adjuster at the top and one at the bottom of the backing plate so may look like a bit different setup on another bus.

    Get the new adjuster bolts and stars. I replaced them for both my drums, so needed 4 adjuster stars, and 4 adjuster bolts.
    View attachment 19383

    Use anti seize or something similar on the bolt. I only had grease at home so just used that. Screw the star onto the bolt so that the star end of the nut is closest to the head of the screw.

    Put the new adjusters in:
    View attachment 19384

    Put the drum back on, and adjust the brake shoes. I think adjusting the brake shoes is covered pretty well by other people so I wont bother unless someone wants to know. All I found when adjusting the brake shoes was I tried to keep both adjusters at a similar distance to each other. I also had to turn the drum by hand and brake heavily a few times before my brake shoes sat well in the drums.

    Heres a picture of my old adjusters:

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