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Child anchor point - Front seat

Discussion in 'Bay Tech Clinic' started by leithbro, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. leithbro

    leithbro Member

    Hi all,

    Anyone installed an anchor point in the front in Queensland? The bus is registered as a two seater which means you can legally have a forward facing childs seat in the front, but need to put a compliant anchor in. I'm not 100% sure the bulkhead behind the seat meets the requirements under LK6 of the VSB14 and was wondering if anyone had a pic of what they've done?



  2. saabman

    saabman Well-Known Member

    Wow after looking through that document Mark I can see your dilemma!

    My original thought would have been the bulk would have been sufficient but then reading the bit about pre 77 hatch backs and the concerns of the back rest collapsing it almost looks like they would expect something like the vertical mount to be used.

    Things were a lot easier a few years back - my baby sister just traveled in a cardboard box between the front seats in my parents Kombi.

    I hope some who has done it pops their head up I’d like to see how they did it too.

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