Cleaning underneath the vehicle using a Tonka

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  1. peter915

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    Sunshine coast
    I've been mucking around with trying to clean the underneath of my Syncro Kombi.
    Part of my progress in restoring the Syncro is the alteration/ addition of various circuits and pipes underneath the vehicle.
    I soon became tired of the constant rain of dirt and debris falling off from underneath when ever I disturbed something.:eek::oops::confused:

    So I started cleaning underneath with a Gurney (pressure blaster):cool:

    Not having the rig (vehicle) in a rotisserie made pointing the baster at the underneath a bit difficult.
    So I developed this idea.

    Yep - I shrunk the T3 and changed it's shape. !!!!


    Nah - ! I wanted a small platform to mount this on.

    I got the Tonka truck from the tip - the recycle shop - in fact most of the stuff around our place has come from the tip!!;)
    Same day we got a dog kennel for me to sleep in..! :eek:


    Our Stihl blaster came with this floor cleaner. (which I'd never used)
    But I now have tried it on the concrete driveway and amazed me at how it cleaned.!

    Which normally operates with the brushes facing down on the deck
    The arms rotate and a small cyclone is created !


    I used it today for the first time.
    And it works ! Ha ! ;)
    I see Kärcher make one very similar - for those who use this brand.
    The Kombi floor is pretty high up off the deck, so I found in some places I was able to lift the unit right up underneath - touching the floor and really blast it. The evidence of this was left on the driveway after I finished.
    Thought I'd share this idea for those who like a clean bus.
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  2. melissa

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    Newcastle NSW
    Nice recycling there Peter! :)
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  3. wombatventures

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    Peterborough SA
    Brilliant, innovative and Upcycled! :p
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  4. Grantus

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    A little pedantic, but of the 3 “R’s” - Recylce, Reuse and Reprocessable, I think this falls in the Re - use category.

    Re-use = Product re used in the same form for the same or different other purpose.

    Recylcled = Material used and re made into the same or similar original product.

    Reprocessable = Material recovered, processed and made into a different product.

  5. KahunaKombi

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    Got one with my Gerni - Patio Brush they call it ..... amazing on the drive whether it be pebblecrete or plain concrete - find diluting 10:1 chlorine:water works on helping the clean.

    Saw the title and thought you'd done exactly what you done with the high pressure floor cleaner ;)
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    c0rrect PEDANTIC
    1. excessively concerned with minor details or rules; overscrupulous.
      "his analyses are careful and even painstaking, but never pedantic"
      synonyms:eek:verscrupulous, scrupulous, precise, exact, over-exacting, perfectionist, precisionist, punctilious, meticulous, fussy, fastidious, finical, finicky; More
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