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Day of the VW 2010

Discussion in 'South Australia' started by Just Corey, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. surfinlineup

    surfinlineup New Member

    Gold Coast
    Gidday kc members , just wondering who owns the orange bay in the photos what is there members name ? is it a shiralee conversion ? if so its only the second one i have seen in the kombi club .
  2. Just Corey

    Just Corey New Member

    Port Elliot
    Hey Goblin, we missed the new age old skool show, the weather was awful. hope it was ok for you.

    surfinglineup, the orange bay that I have pics of is our very own murf's sunliner. I think from memory its a 77. Very tidy camper.
  3. GoblinSA

    GoblinSA New Member

    Adelaide Hills
    The weather held ok up there Vespa, started blowing a bit towards pack up time.

    Was a good day, lots of modern stuff mixed in with the old though but they had everything, even pushbikes!

    Couple things worth noting for the day was a lad of approx 10 years old wearing a t-shirt with a giant 'shocker' hand on it and the row of barely more than toddlers hugging the fence on the playground chanting "burnout burnout burnout" at all the cars as we exited.

    Makes you worry.

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