Does anyone know which camper conversion is this????

Discussion in 'Klub Fest 2009' started by ozeddie, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. ozeddie

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    Annerley, Brisbane

    Went to KLUBFEST, what a great event, and saw this camper. All i can say is WOW!!!

    I cant load photos!!!! Will upload soon.

    The camper was at KLUBFEST and had fiberglass fittings. The kombi was orange in colour. Any one know who did this or where i can get one?? Love it!!!
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  2. Van Housing

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    There is a guide to posting pics here:

    Basically, you open a free account and upload the pics to there ... you then copy the "" tag from next to/under each pic and paste it into your post (max. of 4 images per post, including smilies).

    If you still need assistance, just send me a Private Message and I will guide you through it ... or you could just email me the pics, and I will put them up for you. Good luck! :)

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