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Dubs @ The Abbey Sunday 9th April 2017

Discussion in 'Queensland/Northern NSW' started by KahunaKombi, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. cbus

    cbus Well-Known Member

    sunshine coast
    Always loved the GT 40.
    Guess you are not too tall or it was the one from gold coast. A bit more leg and head room?
  2. kalamunda

    kalamunda Member

    Bridgeman Downs, Qld
    No head room - you could remove the targa top and that gave you some more head room.
    Bit like the old Corvette Stingrays, you seem like you would remember them.
    Restricted vision but sounded good enough to have some neighbours complain :)
    Went alright and drew a conversation like kombis do when you pull up anywhere in one :)
    Just a show pony on the street though - not really useful like a reliable kombi.
    My brother owned it - he would leave it with me to drive some times - he was then lucky enough to experience my kombi to experience some more leg room !!

    Dubs by the Abbey
    Saw lots of nice cars at Dubs by the Abbey day, spoke to a few owners but never seem to meet any from this forum.
    I took about 260 photos of some very nice Kombis outside and inside.
    Not sure whether to post some kombi photos here or not as most would have seen them anyway.

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  3. KahunaKombi

    KahunaKombi Super Moderator Staff Member

    Bracken Ridge, Qld
    Post the pictures you want to as the more the merrier.

    Next event is the Gold Coast VeeDub Show @ Pimpama - check out coming events.
    To meet some other members a suggestion is to try and organise a meet & greet for members @ your kombi @ a time byo coffee :eek:
  4. cbus

    cbus Well-Known Member

    sunshine coast
    Always good to meet other members and put faces to names.
    Also always busy days and never seem to catch up with everyone intended.
    As Bert mentioned is a good plan, as is having mobile no. of intended people to catch up with.
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  5. wombatventures

    wombatventures Well-Known Member

    Peterborough SA
    Back in 1990 they weren't quite so show pony. And it was an All Holdens Day, my mates had a Gemini and a 4 cylinder VB Commodore! Another mates Camira broke down on the way. Mine was a survivor car before they existed, that is the little old lady I bought it from hadn't hotrodded it! Wish I had some photos.
    Nice Car Kalamunda.

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