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Eden Mileage.

Discussion in 'The National Kombi Club Bus Stop 2008' started by glow-monkey, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. glow-monkey

    glow-monkey Active Member

    Kenilworth QLD
    Ok so ive had a bit of time to go through my log book and work a few things out.

    I dont know if anyone else had done the same but here goes.

    Trip to Eden:

    Left Tuesday, stayed at Paul and Lynns tuesday night, left reedy creek 7am wednesday arrived bonnie Hills pm wednesday, depart 730 am arrive at Nowra pm thursday, 730am friday depart Nowra arrive at Eden Friday pm.

    1673kms from home to Eden via the Gold coast (reedy creek meetup point)
    200.51L of fuel
    Average speed 85-90 kph
    Fuel cost $267.15

    Trip from Eden:
    Left eden Monday arrived newcastle tuesday pm. stayed at Newcastle 2 nights, left Newcastle 8am thursday morning, arrived at Lismore 430pm thursday, overnight stay at protestors falls, depart am friday Home midday Friday.

    1593 kms from eden caravan park to home, (saved 80km by crossing behind beaudesert instead of going up to coast and then inland)
    194.49L of fuel
    Average speed 95-105 kph
    Fuel cost $328.23

    Total Km = 3266km
    Total Fuel = 395L
    Total Fuel cost = $595.38

    The variation in price of fuel for the two trips was mainly due to the 80km distance difference and the variation in fuel price over Easter weekend, Cheapest Fuel on the trip was $1.34L and the most expensive was $1.61L (good to see the ACCC kept the servos from Easter Profiteering)

    Add about $100 for accomodation and luckily im not a huge eater so $60 for food (including dinner at the club)

    Approx. cost of trip $700.00 add a bit more if you count the service beforehand $179.00 and the probably not needed but better to be sure checkup at Newcastle on the return trip $84.00

    So a week and a half of my time, and say $900.00

    Was it worth it? You bet ya..... see you all again next year.
  2. BargeArse

    BargeArse Active Member

    Ebbw Vale, QLD
    That's a nice little break-down of the the trip there, Glen. Well done. Kinda puts it into perspective nicely.

    I probably should invest in some form of log book for this reason. And also try to hang onto my receipts!

  3. douggieboy

    douggieboy Active Member

    Robina, Gold Coast
    Eden Fuel & Kilometres

    Good work Glow.

    Your fuel economy was better than ours.

    We travelled the long way to and from Eden (3568 Km) and used a total of 500.5 litres.

    We camped at:
    Cathedral Rocks N.P. (2 nights), near Ebor
    Gulgong, NW of Mudgee
    Kananga-Boyd N.P., near Jenolan Caves
    Abercrombie N.P., South of Oberon
    Eden (3 nights with a great crowd)
    Jindabyne (2 nights)
    Canberra (in a real soft bed in a house)
    Bateau Bay on Central Coast
    Old Bar
    New England N.P., near Ebor again

    That made an average of 7.24 Km / litre. We tried to get Premium everywhere but sometimes it wasn't available.

    Thanks to Doc in Gunnedah for the helping hand.

    Doug & Dale
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2008
  4. Kombigal

    Kombigal Member


    Hi Guys,

    Someone asked me where I stayed last night and for the life of me I couldn't remember. Maybe I should start to write stuff down too. I think I may have killed a few brain cells at Eden. :)

    Good homework guys you deserve a gold star.


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