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  1. Roy 1972

    Roy 1972 New Member

    well, Desperate times call for desperate measures...

    I'm 25 y/o and urgently looking for a job around Newcastle area (Or Sydney - I'll re-locate if the job is right).

    I have a Business Diploma from a Sydney college and plenty of experience in small business management and sales/retail...

    The rent is killing me but what kills me most is the fact that my 72' camper is sitting in the garage and i need money to fix a very very dodgey restoration done recently.

    So, Kc members if anyone knows of anything that pays a good salary please PM or post here for me PLEASE!

    p.s if anyone can get me to the mining/ construction industry without me having to pay ridiculous fees for courses that don't guarantee employment anyway that's the ultimate achievement from this post for me (and if i can learn how to weld and on the way i promise to help replacing bog filled panels for the person who gets me there :lol: )

    And besides , if anyone here helps me find a job it saves me from having to explain why i need to take time-off every time there is a VW event..

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Doody

    Doody Member

    Griffith NSW
    Work Wanted - Newcastle

    My 19 year old son is studying at University of Newcastle and looking for part-time work. In his gap year he worked full-time as a waiter/kitchen hand/barista. Has RSA & RCG. References available.

    Works hard and is reliable. Has own car.

    Would appreciate any leads.

  3. cbus

    cbus Well-Known Member

    sunshine coast
    Chef position on sunshine coast. Cafe/patisserie
    you will be main chef responsible for prep for salads and light lunches. Need to create some simple good flavours. Lunch service till about 3pm , Responsible for own ordering and menu.
    relaxed environment but need to be confident, organised and clean work practices.
    Would also suit a 3rd year apprentice who is confident in the above and interested in some finishing with a top notch patissier .

    Send me a Pm if interested and I will pass on owners details and more info if you want it

  4. beastieboy

    beastieboy Member

    My name is Dave.
    I'm certain sometimes it is mistaken for SLAVE!
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  5. REB

    REB Member

    There is jobs out there you just have to get the uni qualifications and try as hard as you can to get the job.
    Ive looked into doing a course of conveyancing.
    Theres also plenty of apprenticeships around and not enough people doing them.
    I mean my son is doing it but how long will that last,if you become a sparky then youll have a job for life.
    I'm doing lawn mowing on the side,there are a lot of lazy people out there.
    Lawn mowings not too bad a money start your business on a shoestring and work your way up, theres plenty of web sites that are free.
    letterbox drop in your local area,knock on real estate doors etc.
    these type of business do make money ,just takes a while.
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  6. Bloss

    Bloss Member

    My Son who lives in Canberra is desperate for a job any Job, if he can't get one soon he has to move back home, Michael is 24 has a bachelor of Graphic Design is excellent with anything computer related and has retail experience. So ant of you Canberans out there want to save me from having my son move back in Please save me he lives on the northside but is willing to travel a reasonable distance. He is big strong and healthy mob number is 0418748958
  7. fancy-bug

    fancy-bug Member

    Petrie, QLD

    Im headed over with my wife in October, and we are both looking for employment, we already hold out PR189 visa, so have full working rights in place, so here goes

    Me (James)

    Experienced aircraft engineer on both rotary and fixed wing, i leave the UK military in july, and i hold an EASA B1.1 maintenance license. I have recent experience on Britton Norman Islanders, A330,A340 and B747.

    My Wife (Amanda)

    Experienced Chartered certified accountant, most experienced in practise, and holding her ACCA qualification.

    We are both keen to get into employment soon after we arrive in australia, and are keen to hear of any opportunities in the Brisbane area.
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  8. evan&janine

    evan&janine Active Member

    chambers flat
    Have at it, I Evan am currently seeking work, been trade qual as printer with own shop, done sheet metal bender operation, spent previous year doing house renos, worked as cleaner, prefer work in clean environment, and nearer to home if not asking too much, all options considered. Thank you in advance.
  9. evan&janine

    evan&janine Active Member

    chambers flat
    What a great concept, I Evan am currently seeking work in the logan, southern brisbane area, trade qual as printer but prefer other work, been -sheet metal bender machine operator, motor dealership general cleaner, and most recent was truck parts courier, - prefer learn new - woodwork shop, panel shop, car detailing, all option considered, thank you in advance.
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  10. Waz356

    Waz356 Member

    Adelaide, South Australia
    It was one of those weeks I suppose. I picked up my new (to me) kombi on April 9 and was made redundant on the 13th. Still trying to look for the positives - lots of free time to work on Rex. Oh well, interesting times ahead.
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  11. evan&janine

    evan&janine Active Member

    chambers flat
    Not looking for the ladder, but still looking !!
  12. evan&janine

    evan&janine Active Member

    chambers flat
    Still looking # @ $ / ^&*()
  13. Jurgen Grossmutter

    Jurgen Grossmutter Active Member

    I'd like a jkb. But the NSW Education dept have accused me of being a child-basher. That I've never bashed a student is immaterial.

    Interviewer: Why did you get separated?
    Me: I've been accused of bashing a student
    IV: Don't call us, we won't call you.

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