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Famous Kombis in business or culture...

Discussion in 'Kombi Stories' started by Sheriff, May 26, 2011.

  1. Sheriff

    Sheriff Active Member

    Warburton - Yarra Valley
    I know we have discussed this before..."famous people" with their Kombis but the following story is really about a now famous Kombi...

    Phil Knight owns Nike. I worked for Nike for many years, I'm still involved with them and Ive met Phil. I wish I'd known this at the time, we would have had a great chat about it!
    The story is this...

    Phil is a very unassuming (and very shy) guy who started Nike when he was at Uni. He still owns it today. The business started with Phil selling shoes at track and field meets around the Pacific Northwest of America. He'd sell them from the back of...YES...his KOMBI!


    Anybody know of any other "famous kombis"...?

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