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Full tune up

Discussion in 'Fuel System & Electrics' started by REB, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. REB

    REB Active Member

    Need to do a full tune up On the kombi.
    Motor gd fuel injected
    Anyone know of a fuel pressure gauge for fuel injected fitting I can buy,or where to buy it.
    Also a decent Engine analyser
    And what is the procedure for setting Hydraulic tappets
  2. 1500king

    1500king Well-Known Member

    Adelaide, SA
    What do you want a fuel pressure gauge for?

    You need one of below to check pressure and flow;


    I use VAG 1367 below for checking ignition... You can pick them up for a reasonable price, but you need to hunt around a bit.


    Entry level, but workable fuel mixture tool is the Innovate Motorsport LM-2...but need to get all the data logging accessories so you can data log the mixtures in your on-road dyno!! :)


    Hydraulic tappets...

    If you have done some engine work and need to reset them, back off all adjusters, then bring them to ZERO lash(just starting to ride the valve). Then, screw in TWO turns. If you are bedding in a new cam, then set to zero lash, run your cam in, then turn in two turns after you are done. :).

    Be prepared to drop around $2,000 on those questions if you intend to follow through. :cool:
  3. REB

    REB Active Member

    I thought so with the tappets one was out on no 1
    I want to check the fuel pump for correct pressure,been slowly checking everything in the efi system
    Found two wires that weren't connected properly,one was off the coil making idle fluctuate.
    The other was from double relay to pump
    Also want to check the spray on the injectors
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2014

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