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Gearbox problem

Discussion in 'Engine & Transmission' started by Ruppertoz, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. Ruppertoz

    Ruppertoz New Member

    Hello everybody,
    I have a problem with my reverse gear, it doesn't work properly.
    Ruppert is a 1974 T2 1800
    It's a bit bothering 'cause the reverse won't stay on! So I am wandering if either it's fixable or I have to change the whole Gearbox!
    If anyone has a hint of what I should do it would be more than appreciable
    Thanks and ride on...
  2. HIP13

    HIP13 Member

    Redcliffe QLD
    linkages? when i had the beetle going, when i first bought her she would not stay in gears, turned out to be a linkage problem. thats about all i can say
  3. Old Dubber

    Old Dubber Active Member

    Everton Hills, Brisbane
    As HIP13 says,
    check the position of the floor plate
    check the gearbox mount is OK,
    the reverse gear selector is not aligned properly, the bad news is, the box would have to be dismantled to fix the realignment.
  4. Organichead

    Organichead New Member

    Adelaide Hills, SA
    Hi Rupertoz. Try adjusting the floor plate under the gear stick cover before you do anything else. This is brief cause there are already a few posts about this common problem. ......Put into second gear.... Lift up rubber boot to expose bolts and plate.... Loosen bolts and tap the base plate a tad away from drivers side....Retighten and see, you may find that reverse will now work but third is stuffed.....May take a few goes, be patient...You can remove the bolts and give the whole thing a good clean if you so wish, there's not much to go wrong I found.....Be aware of the spring if removing its a wee bit pushey but nothing mad.....Purchase a manual from the bay of e, cost you about $20........good luck......org......
  5. Schmoburger

    Schmoburger Active Member

    Nowra/Jervis Bay area, NSW.
    possibly a detent mechanism not holding the gear in detention?

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