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Gold Coast to Sydney @ Christmas

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Guzzler Chief, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. Guzzler Chief

    Guzzler Chief New Member

    Rochedale South
    Just trying to work out what Im going to do over christmas and was thinking of driving down to see my friends south of Sydney, Ive got 2 weeks off so getting there and back in the kombi wont be an issue. Any advice for places to stay ? I know a lot of campsites are booked up and you have to stay for a minimum amount of time, I will just be wanting to stay for one night and move on ? Any advice of places of interest ?
  2. Dan_Ling85

    Dan_Ling85 Member

    A good free place 2 stay is on the north side of macksiville bridge!
    Clean toilets, nice view! Only a 2 min walk across the bridge
    2 the star hotel! Oh an it's free...
    A great park I stayed at last month n in going again next month
    Stuarts park holiday park! Great fishing! Really nice people!
    Good price! Or u could stay just outside off there gate 4 free use the public

    Cheers Dan

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