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GoWesty Engine Management System for Vanagon

Discussion in 'T3 & T4 Tech Help Clinic' started by Barry, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. rowansnow

    rowansnow Member

    I agree with Phill that the GW is too expensive and they are trying to recoup all their R & D costs by passing onto end user.

    The other system being developed with a Turbo option is based on Megasquirt EFI which is an open source DIY project. Not may tuners are familiar with this system here as most use Haltech. Seems very well suited to the application. Reported to work very well on air cooled VW's. I spoke to some tuners at the last Valla and they swore by it, and said it was the way forward. Think double the HP for the Turbo option and increased drivability for a non turbo option. Not that I'm an expert or anything. Its cool that people are inovating. He will use microsquirt which is used on Jetskis so no probs with H20 ingress on the system I expect it to be reliable. I looked into it but it was too much of a learning curve for me to get my head around..

    If people are looking at better power and fuel consumption and bang for buck, then I think we need to look at sourcing a local maker of Stainless Exhaust systems like the quality ones that Rocky Mountain Westy and Vanistan produce.

    Its an expensive to upgrade if your EFI aint broke, and it may not produce concrete power and efficiency gains - (non turbo) but the SS 4-2-1 exhaust will.
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  2. Syncro27

    Syncro27 Well-Known Member

    Terrigal, NSW Central Coast
    With heat and age I would say many engine bay wires would be crispy
    Go Westy will have you by the ....

    You would assume it would last a while though.
  3. syncro

    syncro Well-Known Member

    Southern Highlands

    I have found more problems with people rewiring with aftermarket looms.
  4. 13bvw

    13bvw New Member

    Ipswich qld
    Aftermarket EFI systems in Australia are generally cheap, plentiful and of high quality. I would go with something more homegrown (Aus/NZ) than US.

    I installed a Microtech system on my beach buggy and for a first timer it was a piece of cake to wire up and install.

    I have recently been looking at the Link G4+ AtomII ecus as they also seem simple to install on any engine and the cost wont break the bank as well as there being many tuners supporting it here(Brisbane)
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  5. nils

    nils Well-Known Member

    There is a fellow named Marco Mansi on face book building new EFI setups for the ole vanagon which look much better thought out than the gowesty type.

    He is using mircosquirt and offering add ons like a turbo.

    Personally I think you could get a better kit than the gowesty built here too.
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  6. Barry

    Barry Well-Known Member

    Abbotsford NSW
    Believe that would be Marco the Steamengine on the Samba
  7. nils

    nils Well-Known Member

    Yep thats him too:)

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