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Hot Foot Syndrome

Discussion in 'T3 & T4 Tech Help Clinic' started by rowansnow, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. Luckyphil

    Luckyphil Well-Known Member

    You need to read what I wrote in context with what Geoff wrote. He was saying that a small amount of hot coolant still gets past the valve and yes there is a valve see https://www.gowesty.com/product/fresh-air-heating/3386/front-heater-valve?v=
    I did think about what I wrote, dont think you read what I wrote. The problem with HOT FOOT is as I explained warm floor and hot air from faulty valve and yes it is a valve that dosnt quite shut off combined with crumbled foam on the heater vent flaps allowing any wayward heat to be directed onto the drivers right foot (LHD) hence hot foot. Even if the heater is completely shutting off the heat the yanks still get hot foot from the floor heat.
  2. syncro

    syncro Well-Known Member

    Southern Highlands
    Only if it is defective.
  3. rowansnow

    rowansnow Member

    A VW mechanic installed the new replacement tap.
    The heating system may have been clogged and he revved it for a while to get it really hot to flush it out and rusty water came out.
    It was a bugger of a job, its so tight in there. Pays to turn the heater on now and then to stop the problem arising.

    I have insulated the floor with form shield and I will put insulation on the pipes up front to stop the heat radiating through the floor as much through the gear shift holes..

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