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How much to pay for a recon 2 litre ?

Discussion in 'Buying and selling help' started by Blacksox, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Blacksox

    Blacksox New Member

    Mandurah, WA
    Facing a possible replacement engine for the Bay I just bought.
    Has anyone who has bought a recon motor give me a ball park figure of what I am likely to be up for?
  2. Van Housing

    Van Housing Well-Known Member

    Yarraville Vic
    Anything up to $6k (or more!)....!

    Not all rebuilds are the same... sometimes they fix only the valves and heads ("top end"); other rebuilds also do the cams etc ("bottom end")... there are also quality rebuilds and cheap "backyard" jobs; rebuilds to repair damage and rebuilds to increase power or torque.... etc....

    If you go to somewhere reputable (eg Pobjoy) you will likely pay more; but you will likely get a much better engine... your budget might also be a consideration (eg probably cheaper to get an 1800).

    Good luck! :)
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2008
  3. kombidaze

    kombidaze Member

    Uki NSW
    why are you facing a replacement engine?
    and who will be doing the reconditioning? have they been recommended by someone you trust or are you buying one sight unseen from ebay, some people call putting a set of rings in reconditioning. if you have already got a motor then it would probably be best to get it reconditioned by a mechanic who comes recommended by someone on this forum or another vw owner whom you know. just a top end rebuild (new barells/pistons heads) will see you around $2500 including labour a full motor rebuild (including cam/lifters, all bearings, balancing, reco oil pump) will probably more than double that figure but you must ask what has been done or what will be done and if you is paying big bucks you should demand a guarantee of some kind.
    otherwise try and pick up a motor cheap on ebay or elsewhere pull off the heads get them reconditioned and enjoy your bus
    all the best
  4. young kombi veteran

    young kombi veteran New Member

    ball park figure for a 2L with heads barrels pistons and all that, new crank etc.. lookin at about 3000-3500 roughly.. i had mine done but i also had all my seals replaced, new clutch n other stuff, plus i got bigger pistons n 1800 valves , now its a 2.1. that cost bout 6k! just get a decent guy but for a standard reco 2L, I would not go over 3 grand or 3500 .. i have learnt my lesson.
  5. Blacksox

    Blacksox New Member

    Mandurah, WA
    Thanks Guys,
    The quote I had of $3,500-4,000 sounds reasonable.
  6. Dingostrategy

    Dingostrategy Active Member

    SW Vic ++
    Just be really clear on what you're getting...
    even things like whether the case will be painted or not.. normally that's extra, but if one guy does it an another doesn't, well that's a consideration. And watch carbs, too. Normally if the engine is stuffed, the carbs are probably at least tired, and whats the point of putting tired carbs on your new donk? Carbs are a WHOLE different story...
  7. Aging Surfie

    Aging Surfie New Member

    Waikiki Western Australia
    Some very aprrox costs.

    May I suggest a writen quote & breakdown of what is going to be done. If its from a good VW repair shop it should be ok. Does this include removale & fitting ?

    Things to consider in a rebuild if needed.
    Camshaft new $225 reground $120
    Regrind or replace cam followers ?
    Line Bore ?
    Main, Big End, Little end bearings ?
    Cam Bearings $32
    Crank Grind $185
    Pistons & Barrels $525
    Assemble $500.00
    New Heads $500 each or reco ?
    Gasket Set $110
    Oil $25
    Filter $15
    Fan Belt ?
    Dip stick bellows $15
    Oil Pump?
    Speedi Sleeves $40 (stop oils leaks from new oil seals)
    Air Filter

    Don't forget the clutch assembly and Fly wheel resurface

    I have spent $1100 and not even touched the heads yet. My rebuid is relative to the amount of milage the Kombi will do. I reckon less than 2000 Km per year so say if I get ten years out of a $2000 rebuild I will be very happy. I have not touched the crank as it is not needed.
    However in saying that it will be a very strong engine and capable of much more. I have the ability to make a call on what should be done as I am my own customer.

    I am an Engine Reconditioner by trade but have never done a VW before. To easy !!

    Sorry to dribble just my thoughts, experiance.:eek:

  8. Dingostrategy

    Dingostrategy Active Member

    SW Vic ++
    By gum thats good timing. Just the list I needed. Thanks very much.

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