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I hate the car crusher feeders

Discussion in 'Kombi Club' started by t2pickup, May 4, 2007.

  1. t2pickup

    t2pickup New Member

    Coal Valley Tas
    Listen guys, if you two up North ever meet me or see what i own, you will realise what sort of VW freak you are talking to, this isnt a hobby or a bit of fun for me, but it is what i do, full stop!!!
    I nearly got cleaned up by a bus when i ran from the building into the city street, if that represents my keeness.
    There are currently four mobile crusher plants, and two major scrap metal crushers in Hobart alone, these guys are getting $1000 per tonne for crushed car bodies at the moment, that is delivered in squashed form to the processors, they dont give a rats arse about yours or my next project car, its commerce to them only. I called the major guys already, Moonah wreckers mate, deals in Ford and Holden only, so unless they started in VW yesterday then i wouldnt waste the long distance phone call.
    There about two dozen fellas with trucks collecting cars around the state, the truck was big, it was white and it had no signs on it, good luck in finding it, i know me looking and gazing from the middle of the road did nothing.
    They want quick bucks, not deal with ebay people, heaven knows the cars we have sold on ebay, that nobody ever comes to collect or pay for, all for bad feedback, wow that will hurt. It is what it is, hence the post heading, I hate the crusher feeder guys!!!!
  2. StevieVW

    StevieVW Well-Known Member

    Somerset, Tasmania
    If i ever see on eon a truck i'll go after it, hammer and tongs. I suggest anyone lse does the same.
  3. t2pickup

    t2pickup New Member

    Coal Valley Tas
    Well i hope you run like Carl Lewis and have the stamina of Robert Decostella, cause if you are on foot, you wont get far.
    This post is about car crushers, not about individuals not doing enough to save a bus. If you guys were fair dinkum then drive to Hobart and go over the whole south of the state looking for the current locations of all mobile crusher units, hope you get there in time, if you want a split that bad, buy one, there are plenty out there for sale.
  4. Saggas

    Saggas New Member

    ed.. I know you could have done more!!!!
    next time you see one. call me. Ill run my bay into the side of the truck, sacrifice a bay to save a split.... actually no I wouldn't do that..

    ive seen what shape your in. I reckon you could run a truck down, probably stop it with your bare hands too... :p

    but really we could crap on about this all day. People make a living doing what they do, if they aren't into restoring 'old' cars then its not like they are destroying anything to them. they are making a few bucks to live off.

    same as kombi exporters to other countries. they are making a living, off supply and demand.

    ill stop now :p
  5. Vanders

    Vanders Active Member

    Launceston, Tasmania
    They don't call him "Fast Eddie" for nothing. He's got more speed than Ben Cousins (in his legs that is). LOL.
  6. Rhys

    Rhys New Member

    endeavour hills, Melbourne
    thieving scumbags

    just had the 'free car removal' guy around to take a buggered beetle shell away....if i had a big enough trailer would have done it myself...anyway, got talking, he reckons that the recyclers are paying $300/tonne for car bodies which are being exported to china for whitegoods manufacture, recyclers take the alloy heads/motors off, starter motors/alternators off for the copper and crush the rest.......pulling about $1k/tonne......crushing about 120 vehicles/week
    the interesting thing is that i asked him if there were any old kombis in the yard, he said "yeah, there's an old '53 that's in the way", after picking my jaw up and trying not to sound too keen, i asked if the owner would sell? his answer "yep, but the bloke knows what it's worth, hes checked out ebay". Later on i quietly wandered down to the yard to have a look for myself (i've not seen a 'barndoor' in the flesh) turns out not a '53 but a '57 11 microbus with 1 rear seat NO RUST, original untouched sills, been in a shed since 1980...asked him what he wanted, he says "i've seen these things go for 25k + on ebay how much you offerin?" i said to him "good luck" and walked away
    on the way home i got to thinking about the whole car crushing thing and the people that are profiteering from the lack of knowledge that people have about vintage/veteran vehicles....i'm a bit like the next bloke...love a bargain..but these people are downright thieves!!! the feller who picked up the shell from my place said that the bloke with the old kombi paid $50 for it, he also mentioned that 2 weeks earlier he'd paid $50 for a 1972 mercedes with 4000 original k's!!!!! apparently the old girl that he stole it off only ever drove it to the corner shops, nowhere else! SCUMBAGS!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Marty

    Marty Active Member

    Sunny Melbourne
    Maybe one should go into the business....?
  8. kyznet

    kyznet Active Member

    Ashgrove 4060
    Nah, I think all of you boys are waaaay too honest to rip little old ladies off.

    And given your obvious love for all things Kombi, we should all just remember how much bad Kombi karma would be coming their way. It will get them. In the end. :)
  9. i agrre

    i agree with rhys scumbags!!!
  10. 74_Microbus

    74_Microbus New Member

    Bulimba, Brisbane
    Used to know a guy in USA who ran one of these wrecking places, he had a few old collectors type cars, A splitty, a caddy and a chev. the best part was he refused to take cars like these into his scrapping yard, instead he had connections with local car enthusiasts and gave/sold them all to them!!

    So theyre are many kind souls out there!!

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