Install A Bay Tank

Discussion in 'Splitty Tech Clinic' started by Split 1, Oct 4, 2007.

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    Thanks Dave. Something a lot of people will do / have done/ wish they had done etc if they ever drive a distance in a splitty.

    What a show off in the link though. Fancy having two good tanks to start with!

    For those of us who are starting with something a bit rusty these links may help:

    Why do they block off the overflow / vapour recovery port though on the bay tank? Why not incorporate it's use too to stop fuel spill / smell..

    As my Bay tank didn't have the filler hose (or sender) I bought 57 mm fuel hose and hose clamps today and it fits like a bought one ... which it is come to think of it :) Costs is about $50 per metre - lucky you don't need much.

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