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Is my '76 Kombi using fuel efficiently???

Discussion in 'Bay Tech Clinic' started by hedgehogxpress, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. hedgehogxpress

    hedgehogxpress New Member

    Does anybody know approx. how many K's per tank can you expect to get from a 1976 Kombi?!?
    I'm kinda worried mine may be gulping just a little bit too much petrol!!
    Does anyone know what would typically cause a kombi to be drinking up too much petrol?
    How many k's do you get out of your Kombis?
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2007
  2. kombikid76

    kombikid76 New Member

    sunny sydney
    From http://www.type2.com/library/fuel/specs.htm

    1972-1979 Bus:
    city miles/gallon 15-16
    average miles/gallon 17-18
    highway miles/gallon 19-21

    Converted to the system we use in aus which is litres it takes to drive 100km

    city - 15.68 - 14.7 L/100km
    average - 13.8 - 13 L/100km
    highway - 12.4 - 11.2 L/100km

    When measuring your fuel consumption there are a few variables which can affect the accuracy that you should be aware of, most major are;
    odometer calibration (are you actually travelling the distance it says, speedo and odo are not always linked)
    Are you filling your tank to teh same level every time? Same angle at fill up, same fuel pump etc

    To calculate your fuel consumption, try and fill ur bus at the same pump at the same petrol station.

    Fill up your bus, note the odometer reading, then next time you need petrol fill it right up again (try and do it at the same place) and note the odometer reading and how many litres it took to fill.

    Then subtract the first odometer reading from teh second giving you the number of kilometers traveled. Divide the number of litres by the number of kilometers traveled and then multiply that figure by 100. This will tell you how many litres your bus used to travel 100km.

    My bus is averaging around 13L/100km around town...

    So when you have your figure compare it to these averages which were the average of a pool of kombi drivers fuel consumption.

    city - 15.68 - 14.7 L/100km
    average - 13.8 - 13 L/100km
    highway - 12.4 - 11.2 L/100km

    To answer your question your fuel tank is a 60L tank...
    city - 382.65 - 408.2km per tank
    average - 434.8 - 461.5km per tank
    highway - 483.9 - 535.7km per tank
  3. kenhell

    kenhell New Member

    Rockdale, Sydney
    My 76 has a 2 litre engine and on a recent trip covered 640 klms and drank 74 litres, mostly highway driving.That equates to approx. 8.7 klms/ litre. But what really counts is that it's soooo groovy driving a kombi ,bugger the fuel consumption.
  4. Kombi8

    Kombi8 Member

    surrey hills Victoria
    My '75 2L camper would get 400km's out of a tank usually, but pushing along, 100kmh+ into a head wind brought it back it to around 330kms from a tank, then you walk the rest of the way along the Hume Hwy to the service station. One for experience I guess! On a good day Kombi8 will return 330 from a tank, but I didn't buy it for the fuel economy.
    You have to get used to driving a vehicle with the aerodynamics of a brick.

    Wouldn't have it any other way................
  5. Sheriff

    Sheriff Active Member

    My 76 1.8 uses between 11 and 12L/100 me thinks...
  6. kommodius

    kommodius Active Member

    My '77 2 litre used approx 10-11 litres / 100 km on the way to Canberra and is using about 15 - 18 litres / 100 kms now!!
    Compression tests show that number four cylinder is down & I've done a valve or rings or both & it's engine out time!
    In my opinion, if it's hungry and you have to change down where you didn't before, it's time for an overhaul.

    Glad I have the Beetle to carry the bits to the machine shop!!

    Ray & da Boyz
  7. 77bay

    77bay Active Member

    Woody Point
    Don't forget to factor in any engine mods. I run bigger pistons, a mild cam and 40mm webers and I get around 13 litres per 100km. If I push her over 100kph that will rise with the speed, 110kph sees 15l per 100.
  8. melissa

    melissa Administrator Staff Member

    Newcastle NSW
    Just to bring this back..

    I have been driving the Banana Sundae while my T4 is off the road (up a hoist actually with no gearbox :( ) and I worked out that in the last week she did 324 klms using 48 Litres...is this good? Probably not. She is a 2L Auto so I am not expecting miracles..
  9. kombidaze

    kombidaze Member

    Uki NSW
    there is a little plastic gear in the speedo that connects up to the odometer it can crack with age i have 4 kombi speedo's and 2 good gears the other two are cracked if the gear is cracked it will not register the correct kilometers travelled therefore your klm's readings will be a lot less that what u have travelled. if your motor is in good nic and you travel on the highway at around 90 to 95 kmh you should get between 10 to 12 litres per 100 klm's. city driving is another thing altogether.
  10. melissa

    melissa Administrator Staff Member

    Newcastle NSW
    Well I think that works out at about 14L/100kms ..it's sort of city driving so its not as bad as I thought .
  11. kyznet

    kyznet Active Member

    Ashgrove 4060
    Have just worked out Lola's fuel consumption and it's 14.12L/100km. That's for a combination of highway and city driving.

    That's even more than our LandCruiser when we ran it on petrol. Definitely considering an LPG conversion now!

    Doesn't seem excessive from reading the other posts on here, but jeez!!
  12. Westylad

    Westylad New Member

    port Sorell, Tas
    YEAH! What he said!

  13. kaye and rex

    kaye and rex New Member

    A full tank in Lily gives us approx 450 to 480klms on and off the highway.
  14. glow-monkey

    glow-monkey Active Member

    Kenilworth QLD
    Im still running in my 76's new engine so my figures wont be ideal, but i seem to be getting about 12l/100km, I try not to ever let it get below qtr tank and usually get about 400k's out of just over 3/4 of a tank.

    the best figure was 10l / 100km off one tank, highway driving at 80k/hr before my 800km tuneup just after the rebuild.
  15. Schmoburger

    Schmoburger Active Member

    Nowra/Jervis Bay area, NSW.
    I get about 12L/100km these days with one bodgy cylinder... before I toasted the rings in #2 I got about 10-11L/100km. :)
  16. okymura

    okymura Member

    Adelaide, SA
    Our recent 12500km trip we used and average of 12.5/100 with variations between 9.5 -15.6/100. A head wind, octane value and speed certainly affected the L/100. 80-90kph and 95 and above octane gave us the best economy. This was in our 1800 Auto Sopru fairly well loaded
  17. milly

    milly Active Member

    Port Macquarie NSW
    Milly is getting 14L per 100km but she is heavy and I push her.
  18. Mordred

    Mordred Super Moderator Staff Member

    Penna, Hobart
    Just to clarify there is a small mistake in the first post. the standard Kombi fuel tank is not 60 litres, it is 50 litres. This doesn't make any difference to the rest of the calculations, just need to bear it in mind when you are planning.

  19. mykombiandi

    mykombiandi Member

    Perth WA
    Great thread thanks for all the info. I have been trying to figure this out myself. I had no idea what size the tank was and have realised that my fuel gauge is dodgy as. It seams to get to half then drops right off to empty.
    I worked out the other day this:
    196km I used 26ltrs,

    Using this formular that trusty google gave me:

    ltrs/kmsX100=FE (fuel Economy)
    26/196= 0.133
    X100= 13.3lt/100km

    Then I bodgied up a formular, Please correct me if I have coughed this up. I am sure there are better formulars out there.

    50lt/13.3=3.75x100=375km per tank?

    I am no math wiz so please correct me here. This sounds about right to me for my 76, 2ltr.
  20. Alpal

    Alpal Moderator Staff Member

    Melbourne Bend of Islands
    350 to 400 km on a tank for a 79 2L. A lot to do with how hard you pedal!

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